Mother, Son Found Guilty of Murder

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The abstention of three of the 12 member jury of Criminal Court ‘A’ last week could not save Madam Kou Saye and her son Ziekal Gbokolo from being found guilty of killing Faith Gee.

The incident took place in December 2014, in the 72nd Community, outside of Monrovia.

The controversial decision came after the jury had stayed in their chamber deliberating for over two hours before returning with their verdict.

Nine members of the jury informed the court that the defendants were guilty, while the remaining three abstained.

Before the verdict, Judge Boima Kontoe told the jurors that they were required to “fully and carefully examine the testimonies and physical evidence to arrive at your verdict. It is your duty to discuss the case with each other in your deliberation to reach a verdict.”

The case started when the prosecution alleged that in the early hours of a day in December 2014 in the 72nd Community in Paynesville, Faith Gee, also known as Bob Blue, was on his way from an all night church service, when co-defendant Saye and her son Gbokolo saw him and began to scream “Rogue! Rogue!” Later, the prosecution said, they attacked him with a 2 by 2 plank and cutlasses, inflicting several injuries on him from which he bled profusely and later died at a local clinic.

Besides Madam Saye and her son, several others, including Arthur Kassay, John Moore, Andrew Kartay, Saah and Ma Ruth – who are still on the run – after hearing the noise, jumped out of their houses and began to assault Gee. Co-defendant Arthur used the back of a cutlass and slapped Faith twice on his back. He later dragged him to a basketball court, before the victim was picked up by other church members, who took him to a local hospital.

Judge Kontoe has up to a week to announce their punishment.


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