Mother Pleads for Stolen Baby’s Return


Caroline Wolo’s eyes were filled with tears and her voice was broken from crying over her two-day old daughter who was reportedly stolen Sunday, February 16 by a woman identified only as ‘Chantal.’

“Someone stole my baby,” Ms. Wolo, 21 of Borbor Garage, New Kru Town, told the Daily Observer Monday morning, “and I am begging her to return my child safely.”

Ms. Wolo said the ‘someone’ was a woman who only identified herself as ‘Chantal.’ The alleged kidnapper claimed she had recently returned from the United States.

Chantal, a woman between 25-28 years, befriended the new mother on Saturday, February 15, just hours after she safely delivered her bouncing baby girl.

“She told me I had a beautiful baby and was happy for me,” the distraught mother told the Daily Observer.

Ms. Wolo explained that when she was released from the hospital, the next day, Sunday, February 16th, ‘Chantal’ accompanied her to her residence where her housemates assumed they were related.

“She helped me with the child and put her in my room,” the tearful mother said, “the woman said she was fond of my daughter.”

After mesmerizing everyone in the house with her glib-tongued English, as many Liberians who have spent years in the United States are known to do, (speaking ‘series’), she requested for palm-butter and fufu to be prepared for her.

She stayed with the family until 3p.m that afternoon and the baby was put to bed in her mother’s room.

“She asked my boyfriend to get a taxi for her,” Caroline said as she fought back tears.

She said several minutes after her boy friend, 22-year-old Junior Thomas, a motor-bike rider, had gone to look for the cab the woman emerged from the room where the baby was sleeping, holding a black bag, known locally as ‘Mind Your Own Business.’

“She also had a brown handbag,” Caroline told the Daily Observer. “She told me that she was leaving and would be back to see me and my child.”

Some twenty minutes later, boyfriend Junior Thomas returned after he could not get a taxi, and went to the room where his two-day old daughter was supposed to have been napping.

Thomas said at the door, “I saw it was locked with a small padlock and so I went to Caroline to find out why the door was locked.”

When Caroline told him she never locked the door, a decision was made to break the lock, since neither parent had a key to open it.

“All that time,” Caroline said, “it never occurred to us that something bad had happened to our baby.”

When the door was finally forced open, “There room was empty and our baby was gone.”

That was when the tears began, and according to Caroline Wolo, “They have not stopped.”

Thomas said, “An immediate search was launched with the help of neighbors and local police.”

Since Sunday, hundreds of the area’s inhabitants converged on the family’s residence to sympathize with them over their baby’s disappearance.


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