Mother of Triplets Seeks Support


Mariama Kalilu, who recently gave birth to triplets (three babies) in Boesam, Porkpa District, Grand Cape Mount County, is seeking support from well-meaning Liberians, philanthropists and the government.

Kalilu acknowledged that the triplets – two boys and a girl – are a blessing from Allah, and expressed delight for giving birth to them.

However, Ms. Kalilu, who spoke to the Daily Observer in Cape Mount over the weekend, said she has been facing serious difficulties since she delivered the triplets in September 2016.

“My husband and I cannot bring up these children now. Things are not good for us. He does not have a good job for now, and moreover he is a farmer. We still have to take care of them—look for good food for them. Even the clothes they need require money. We are doing our best while we await help from others.”

Ms. Kalilu explained that she is satisfied with her God-given gifts, and any help to the children would—in her heart—take second place only to what God has provided her family through His goodness.

“It is very difficult for me to work since I delivered,” she said, adding that her breastmilk is not enough for the three.

She is therefore appealing for humanitarian assistance to help her give the children a ‘head-start’ in life, as they are “short of everything that the children need.”

Ms. Kalilu can be reached on 0777037883 and 0886052600 for anyone willing to help.


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