Mother of Sick Baby Seeks Urgent Medical Help

Manakpala diagnosed the child's ailing condition as “hydrocephalus, or water in the head." Due to the condition, the baby is yet to be named.

The mother of a baby born with birth defects but diagnosed of hydrocephalus, or water in the head, is appealing to well meaning Liberians and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for medical assistance to treat her baby’s condition.

Madam Victoria Dahn, a resident of Ganweepa in the Saclepea District, was transferred to the E&J Medical Center in Ganta, where she gave birth to a baby boy on June 27.

The baby’s head is very big, like a normal size football, but the body is tiny, which makes it to look very deformed in appearance.

Dr. Charles Manakpala, a pediatrician (children’s doctor) at the E&J Medical Center, informed the Daily Observer that the baby will only survive if he is transferred to a more advanced medical facility than the E&J hospital, where the water in the baby’s head can be drained out.

Manakpala diagnosed the child’s ailing condition as “hydrocephalus, or water in the head.”

The baby, he said, was born under Caesarean (C-section) operation in which the mother was operated on before being transferred from Saclepea under serious conditions.

“Looking at this boy’s condition, he needs advanced medical treatment so as to drain the water from his head,”  the doctor said.

Meanwhile, the mother is calling on the government and any benefactor as well as non-governmental organizations to help her so that she can take her  baby for advanced treatment.

In response to the mother’s appeal, Representative Jeremiah Koung of Nimba County District #1 presented L$15,000 as his initial contribution.


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