Mother Gives Birth to Quintuplets, Loses One

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A mother, Mamakor Dessah, has given birth to quintuplets (five babies at one time) without any complications.

Said birth is the first such delivery in the nation’s history, according to Nurse Felicia Broh’s report.

The mother of the babies said the five children were born normally, without her undergoing any operation as many people have experienced in such deliveries of more than one child.

According to Mamakor,  the mother of the five, she delivered them at the Sinji hospital in Grand Cape Mount County on June 14, 2014.  But she was immediately  transferred at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center  in Sinkor, Monrovia, because the children needed to be placed in  incubators due to the  their smallness in size.

Mrs. Dessah said that of the four surviving children, three are girls plus one boy. Two of the children are currently on oxygen while all the four remain in the incubator.

Mamakor told the Daily Observer she was unable to breast feed the four babies she had given birth to as they need a lot of milk, health facilities and clothes, “which I don’t have the hand to provide them,” she said.

“We don’t have the support  for the children, because their needs are many, like milk, clothes and health services. They also need to be on regular medication to keep them healthy, and food.”

Mamakor Dessah, who lay very still and could hardly say a word, was assisted by nurses and relatives, including her husband who went to visit her after the safe delivery.

Also speaking to the Daily Observer, the quintuplets’ father, Seminah Dessah, said, “I was confused and did know what to do when they called me and told me that my wife had given birth to five children at once. I did not know what to do at the beginning, but I just had to come because I could not escape my responsibility; the news was heavy, but I had to accept it."

He further stated that prior to his wife’s delivery of the quintuplets, they already had four children. During her first delivery, she had one child. The second delivery produced twins but, according to him, the twin children did not live.

The third pregnancy produced triplets, making them the parents of four children before the birth of the quintuplets.

According to Mr. Dessah, his wife’s recent delivery of five babies, one of whom did not survive, makes eight in all the number of children born unto them.

Seminah Dessah is at the moment calling on all people of goodwill, all humanitarian organizations, both Christian and Islamic, and the Government of Liberia to kindly help support the children.

“I am a farmer that don’t have any means of support [for] all of these children.  All I have to give them is father’s love and care. We are unable even to provide the milk that is needed for their daily consumption.”  

Anyone wishing to reach out to the quintuplets, their parents and family are asked kindly to contact the Daily Observer at the corner of Benson and McDonald Streets.  We may be reached 0886 812-888, 0886 472-772, 077 472-772 and 0886 631-025.


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