Mother Claims Son Wrongfully Charged with Murder

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Madam Kebbeh Sallee, the defence team’s fourth witness and a mother of one of the defendants Aaron Lackay being tried for allegedly spilling gasoline on Inspector Amos Tutu of the Police Support Unit (PSU), and burning him to death, yesterday told the Criminal Court that her son was wrongly charged with murder.

In her Testimony, Madam Sallee alleged that prior to Inspector Tutu’s burning on August 27, 2010, on the Capitol Bye-Pass in Monrovia, she had invited her son to visit her in Gbarnga, Bong County, after she had returned from sick bush in Lofa County.

“It is in February 2010, because of my sickness I left from Gbarnga and went to seek traditional medicine in Lofa County. When I came from Lofa by then it was on February 25, when I called my son Lackay to come to Bong County for a visit,” Madam Sallee claimed.

She continued, “He assured me that he was going to come to me on August 27 and exactly he arrived there on the 27th of August by then it was in the afternoon.”
Lackay and four others are facing murder charges for their alleged individual roles in the burning to death of Police Inspector Tutu on August 27, 2010.

Tutu was accused of shooting to death one Preston Davis, which reportedly incited a mob action by angry residents who overpowered him, spilled gasoline on him and set him ablaze.

Explaining about the arrest of her son, Madam Sallee in her testimony yesterday, claimed that on March 3, that same year, while her son was sitting on her front porch , she heard a police officer screaming and asking her whereabouts.

“And before I could make up my mind I heard him saying ‘give me the gun, the handset and cell phone for the mission,” she added.

She said when she asked the officer what kind of gun he was referring to, she quoted the officer as saying ‘You do not know that your son killed a police officer and you are hiding him here?’

“The police officer entered the room and asked me about a bag and I showed him two of my son’s bags and he took out the cloths that were in them and scattered them,” she stated.

She added “the other bag that was behind it was a small one and the he took the bag while I was standing there looking at him, an opened the zip and took all the money that was in it.”

Sallee said, “I cannot tell how much money that was in the bag. And he told my son to walk outside the room.”

While in the process, Sallee claimed that she asked her son whether or not he had killed somebody in Monrovia, of which her son denied ever killing someone.

“Before he could say I don’t know, they started beating him, stepping him in his stomach and later they took him away before charging him with murder,” Madam Sallee told the court.


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