Mother Burns 5-Year Old Child


Every childbearing woman laying eyes on little Brima’s buttocks will hold her breasts and scream, and tears will quickly run down her cheeks.

It all happened in Sanniquellie, Nimba County, in December 2016 when Brima’s mother, only identified as Martha, reportedly burned the young lad’s buttocks with a hot steel cooking spoon for allegedly eating the soup she had set aside.

Worse yet, the unremorseful Martha has reportedly abandoned the child and is on the run. The child is said to be surviving by the grace and mercy of neighbors in the Airfield Community, not far from the railroad.

When this reporter met the child, he was wearing an oversized T-shirt, long enough to cover him from neck to toe, which helps to protect him from the flies that are eager to get at the puss that streams from the sore.

Although he appears energetic and plays with other children in the yard, little Brima’s condition forces him to kneel down to eat and to lie on the stomach to sleep.

“Since his mother left from here she has not been seen; no one knows where she went. After burning the boy with the hot cooking spoon for stealing soup, as she reported, she left him here without telling anybody. His father is also working in Lofa. It appears that the child is not his real son. Therefore, he too does not care for him much,” Roselyn, a lady who currently provides food for Brima, explained.

Roselyn said she has other children to cater for from the little income she gets from the Agriculture Relief Services (ARS) where she works; nevertheless, she said she will still try and “put things together” to get Brima treated at a hospital.

Presently, no one knows the whereabouts of the lad’s mother, but community members say they are prepared to hand her over to the police as soon as she resurfaces.

“Almost every child coming up in a society like this can engage in what this child reportedly did. Why will a mother behave the way the woman in question did? Any time she comes, she will visit the police station,” a neighbor said.

Sadly, the child’s situation is so bad that he cannot be properly cleaned after using the toilet, something that poses a serious health challenge for him.


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