MoT Launches 7-Day Campaign


Transport Minister Angela Cassell-Bush can no longer sit by and allow vehicle owners to flout rules intended to ensure safety and generate taxes for the country.

Yesterday, Minister Cassell-Bush launched a seven-day campaign on Bushrod Island, and ordered vehicles with expired license plates, those without license plates and those deliberately licensed below their intended use, among others, removed from the streets.

She told the Daily Observer that she decided to lead the campaign to ensure that vehicles from the border areas (beyond Cape Mount County) and those plying the streets are properly licensed.

In a manner similar to GSA Director Mary T. Broh, Minister Bush-Cassell led the campaign, directing her workers to stop vehicles with expired license plates.

“Stop that one,” she directed, as scores of employees, attired in MOT bibs, rushed to carry out her instruction. Working along with the Minister was a high ranking police officer, whose presence was a deterrent to any vehicle attempting to bypass the inspection.

An unlicensed taxi, owned by a police officer, was ordered impounded as the officer, in hopes of getting his vehicle released, pleaded with Minister Cassell-Bush to fix the problem. He had no luck. The taxi was impounded. At one point when another police officer tried to intervene, asking for the badge number of the officer, Minister Cassell-Bush expressed annoyance and warned the officer to back off.

The exercise was done without fear or favor. Many vehicle drivers and owners were compelled to park and leave their vehicles which were later driven to Zone 3 Police Depot.

“The exercise began at 7a.m. and we will continue to do it across the city to ensure that every vehicle is properly registered,” Minister Cassell-Bush said.

Vehicles impounded included taxis that are licensed to operate as private cars, paying only US$100 instead of US$190; NTA public transport vehicles and private trucks, among others.

The minister spoke about the importance of public safety and stated MoT’s determination to clear unlicensed vehicles from plying the streets.

Meanwhile, Rep. Edward S. Forh (Motserrado County), who happened to be in the area, interacted with Minister Cassell-Bush, who explained the importance of the campaign and why it was necessary to be executed.

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