MoT Honors Employee for ‘Hard Work’

Minister Wlue presents gown to Mr. Zubah.

The adage, “give a man his flowers while he is alive, was manifested in the life of John Zubah when authorities of the Ministry of Transport (MoT) assembled on Friday, November 9, and honored him for his dedication to duty, commitment and outstanding service to the ministry and his colleagues.

“Pa Zubah,” as he fondly called by other employees, joined the ministry’s family in 2009 as a driver, serving three Assistant Ministers for Administration and Insurance, until March this year.

At the occasion, the grounds of the ministry turned into jubilation as excited employees presented gifts, including cash, to “Pa Zubah.”

“Pa Zubah is always happy and ready to serve his bosses and fellow employees in carrying out their personal errands. This decision by the administration to honor him is highly welcomed by everyone working in the ministry,” Samuel G. Barjibo, head of communication, said.

Samuel A. Wlue, Minister of Transport, said one does not have to be minister before serving others, “but once you are charged with the responsibility to serve, then do your best ever so that one day, when you leave, those leaving behind can speak good about your deeds.”

According to Mr. Wlue, the commitment and dedication of Mr. Zubah will enable history and prosperity to recognize him and other individuals.

Mr. Wlue named the Transport Ministry banking hall in honor of John Zubah for his dedication and commitment to duty over the years.

“Thanks you, Mr. Zubah, for teaching us dedication and commitment in a working environment. We also want to thank your family for ensuring that you come and care for us,” Mr. Wlue said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wlue also named the banking hall in honor of John Zubah for his dedication and commitment to duty over the years.

“I am grateful to cross Pa Zubah’s path. When the history is written of this ministry, Mr. Zubah hands and footprint will be highlighted, because my plan here is to impact at least one person’s life every day,” Mr. Wlue said.

In March 2018, “Pa Zubah” was transferred to the security division as security officer due to the current lack of assigned vehicle to the Assistant Minister for Administration and Insurance. According to management, the decision to transfer Mr. Zubah was to keep him active on duty.


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