MOT Dismisses Employees over Fake Vehicle Registrations, Insurance Documents

Francis Flomo and Calvin Passawe, employees of the Ministry of Transport, were allegedly giving fake insurance and vehicle documents to Madam Dorothy Kollie, client of Palm Insurance Corporation.

The Ministry of transport has dismissed two employees including Francis Flomo, Inspector, Division of Inspectorate, and Calvin Passawe, also Division of Inspectorate, for issuing fake vehicle Registration and insurance documents to Madam Dorothy Kollie, a client of the Palm Insurance Corporation.

It can be recalled that the Liberia National Police nabbed down the two recently for issuing faked vehicle documents to Dorothy Kollie, a client of the Palm Insurance Corporation and extorting money from her.

The victim, Madam Kollie had gone to the ministry to get her car documents but fell into the wrong hands.

Though she did not disclose where and when she met Francis and Passewe, she said that Francis asked her to pay the sum of US$175 for the Insurance and documents; whereas the procedure only allows the client to present his/her car documents and then the agent checks the documents before charging the amount to pay.

According to Dorothy, after receiving the document from Francis, she later noticed that the documents were not authentic and therefore she took it to Palm Insurance Corporation where she finally realized that the document was faked.

 “Based upon that, I decided to go to Palm Insurance to find out whether they have someone stationed at the Ministry processing and giving their insurance documents, and it was at this point the insurance company told me that they do not have any branch elsewhere in Monrovia,” Madam Kollie added.

“Based upon this information, we contacted the LNP to have the two guys arrested and detained at the Slip Way Police Deport, in central Monrovia.”

According to a statement from the Ministry, the two employees were dismissed in accordance with section “4.2.2h and 4.2.2d of the Civil Service Agency policy (CSA) on employees’ behaviour, which outlined different categories of behavior that constitute suspension and dismissal.

“In view of the aforementioned, your service(s) with the Ministry of Transport is hereby terminated in keeping with section “4.2.2d and 4.2.2h” of the CSA standing orders,” the statement added.

The MOT authorities further ordered the men to turn all properties of the Division to the Human Resource, asking them to keep away from the premises of the Ministry.

According to the statement “Administration has written several memos warning employees of the Ministry  to desist from fraudulently processing of ‘Insurance and Vehicle Documents’ in total disregard to administrative directive”.

MOT added that “This latest action of yours has derailed the good image of the MOT as evidenced by the … Management of Palm Insurance’s press conference held on Friday, January 8, 2021, and legal communication received from the Monrovia City Court”.

Francis and Calvin were arrested by the Liberia National Police (LNP) while allegedly attempting to dupe another client.


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