MoT Breaks Ground for Weigh Bridge on Buchanan Highway

    Min. Varpilah, Gbezongar Finley and the Morris Tweh from MIA breaking ground for the installment of the weigh bridge.jpg

    The Ministry of Transport broke grounds for the long- awaited ‘weigh bridge’ on BIA Buchanan Highway.

    The ‘weigh bridge’ is intended to maintain the roads and to determine the total weight in pounds that trucks carry.

    According to the Transport Minister S.Tornorlah Varpilah, the installment of the ‘weigh bridge’ was to save citizens from accidents and to help protect the roads from being damaged by heavy trucks.

    He said that ‘weigh bridges’ in the country show that the economic sector of Liberia is going to grow. “Africa has improved on its road network and the international community is helping greatly when it comes to improving Liberia’s road,” Minister Varpilah said.


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