‘Morlue Still the Right Man for GAC’

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The chairman of the Coalition for the Transformation of Liberia, Archie Sarnor, has described former General Auditing Commission (GAC) boss John Morlue as the right person for the role of Auditor General.

Speaking to journalists at his Carey Street office recently, Sarnor said the failure of the government to maintain Morlue as auditor general, gave room for corrupt public officials to flourish and to continue their activities.

He explained that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has failed to live up to one of the promises she made during her inauguration in 2005. The President, delivering her 2005 inaugural speech had stated: “Under this administration corruption would be declared public enemy number one.”

According to Sarnor, corrupt under this administration is “public friend” and corrupt officials still enjoy the comfort of lying and stealing.

Sarnor stated that since former Auditor General John Morlue left the GAC, it has failed to audit many government institutions in the country, thereby making it (GAC) dormant as an institution.

He noted that the President’s failure to appoint, someone he described as “a competent individual,” to head the auditing body, could lead to more corrupt practices within the government.

“This would make the President very unpopular in representing Liberia,” Sarnor added.


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