Morlu Somersaults Over Weah’s Gov’t Performance

CDC Chairman, Mulbah Morlu: “Let’s remain hopeful, knowing that the man we elected President will not fail the mandate entrusted to his charge."

-Says Weah is performing very well  

Barely two weeks after the National Executive Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) sharply criticized the George Weah Administration, the chairman of the ruling party, Mulbah K. Morlu, has somersaulted with words of appreciation to the President for what he called his “good leadership.”

Mr. Morlu, at a press conference in Monrovia on Monday, December 23, praised President Weah, asserting that the economy has already begun showing signs of bouncing back strongly despite the depressing economic situation in which for the first time citizens  will be unable to celebrate the festive season with the joy it occasions.

He said the President’s speech has inspired CDC partisans into collective action for peace and unity as a mass-based political institution committed to supporting Weah’s Pro-poor Agenda for Development of the country.

It can be recalled that Morlu on December 10 during a major press conference frowned on President Weah’s departure  from the CDC’s manifesto that among other things calls for transforming the lives of the Liberian people.

Chairman Morlu’s statement during the well-attended press conference called for an investigation of officials of government who have acquired wealth just in two years of its reign, something the opposition, especially the Council of Patriots, consider as a supportive statement to their call for the President to step down.

Though Morlu did not call the names of individuals who have unimaginably acquired wealth during this short period,  President George Weah has over the period attracted public criticism for building 47 housing units for himself opposite the Baptist Seminary, rebuilt his house on 9th Street in Sinkor and bought land at separate locations in Monrovia.

Mr. Morlu said investigating the acquisition of real estate properties would validate how appointed officials and other government employees acquired new properties and assets because it will help to exonerate them from the reports catalogued in the corruption perception index.

The President flies a private jet that is costly, which Chairman Morlu suggested that the President should desist from and ride business class on a commercial plane while his entourage ride economy class.

He said “irrespective of the complex socioeconomic hurdles associated with the democratic transition of 2018, the CDC-led government cannot take lightly the governance obligations cast upon its shoulders by the mostly underprivileged citizens, who look to the CDC for solution, “neither can we continue to proffer excuses while our people suffer. Whether the global economy is in a decline or not, offers no excusable justification for under-performance.”

Morlu during his December 10 press conference then reminded President Weah that the existence of this government is a product of the many years of sacrifices, commitments and selfless resilience of millions of ordinary Liberians, who simply desire good governance, and a departure from the political excesses of the past.

“Amid the plethora of challenges taking place; our people still remain hopeful that we will rise to seize the moment, and make the difference for our people and country; let us not let the people down,” he declared during the recent press conference.

The harsh statement by the Chairman of the ruling party induced friction between the President and his key supporters including Morlu, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, Montserrado County District #8 Representative Acarous Gray and District #5 Representative Thomas Fallah on the one hand.

Nevertheless, some party officials apparently foreseeing and fearing the consequences of what was brewing in the party, called for dialogue and reconciliation against the background of  the first meeting which ending in deadlock when Chairman Morlu insisted that he should preside over the meeting instead of Janga Kowo who the President designated to preside.

Just within the course of the reconciliation process, an audio recording has been released to the public with Chairman Morlu and others discussing President George Weah.  In the recording circulated by talk show host Henry Costa, Morlu is heard discussing the social life of the President and how he (President Weah) and Minister of State Nathaniel McGill with Finance and Development Minister Samuel Tweah are planning to oust Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor to be replaced by McGill.

The recording also noted Morlu as saying that the current Acting Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) got the position because of her “Sexual relation” with the President. Morlue has since declared he said these out of drunkenness.

The party’s officials later arranged another meeting which led to both camps smoking a peace pipe. According to sources, Morlu was mandated to call a press conference to appreciate the President for his good work as his statement put people against the administration and President Weah in particular.

The CDC is a merger of three parties, including the National Patriotic Party (NPP) and Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP).

At yesterday’s press conference, Mr. Morlu said the Weah-led government continues to seek the fulfillment of its mandate to deliver prosperity to the country and change the lives of the people for whom the CDC victory remains committed.

“Let’s remain hopeful, knowing that the man we elected President will not fail the mandate entrusted to his charge,” Morlu said.

He continued: “the National Executive Committee of the CDC praises the impressive performance of President Weah for his deliberation on ELBC. Said deliberation had great resonance with millions of ordinary people, reassured the business community and has come to be a rally cry for national unity.”

According to Mr. Morlu, the President inspired hope during the interaction, spoke frankly about the challenges, and nevertheless touched on the pressing issues detractors, on the other hand, have been exploiting to stoke violence and foment chaos in the country.

“The CDC appreciates said captivating and reassuring balm in the President’s message, which has interlaced with his usual characteristic frankness and warm touch. Over nearly two years of his presidency, our President’s commitment levels have only increased, remain relentless in his drive to make the difference and is dedicated to the task for which he was elected,” Mr. Morlu said.

Mr. Morlu said the President has promised to look into some of the issues raised, although, in a recent live interview on ELBC the President could not give hope to the Liberian people but said the limitation of the Liberian dollar in the commercial banks is the cause of businesspeople holding onto the money in their various homes.

“We are grateful to the President for his distinctive leadership, which has galvanized the National Executive Committee to commit its unflinching support and solid defense of his Excellent people-centered policies and programs,” Mr. Morlu said.


  1. I know that chairman morlu was surely going to mislead himself by jumping quickly into the bingo box and dance to the beat with President Weah, but the chairman is completely contradicting himself.

    Is it a serious crime for speaking out the truth about this government? Are the CDC partisan completely attached to the president that no truth can be spoken out?

    Oh! Liberia is another country on earth.

  2. evesekaitonnon4480

    Do not rule out the fact Weah might have given them some brown envelopes to ease the tension.

    Weah controls the country’s financial spigot, and all he has to do is just command Tweah to open it up, and the money flows to him like water.

    While average people are suffering, Weah lives in a world of idyllic beauty. One good attribute he has under his belt, is he knows how to exploit the attention of his blind followers.

  3. The Chairman is like the spot on leapoad’s skin, it never changes. The Chairman saw President Obama, and was invited to the White House. That was after Weah was doing a terrible job, and Weah is now doing and performing very well. The Chairman is no George Washington: I never lied, I did cut the cherry tree. Not Chairman Morlu, the truth is never found in him. Believe in him at your own risk.

  4. Morlu is a joker and dishonest human!!
    Now what happens to your quest that the government should investigate officials who have accumulated wealth within short period of time? Are you gonna let it go down the dream now? You are making fool out of yourself you say Liberians.

  5. Morlu typifies the blight and rot that permeates Liberia leadership. When those who are entrusted with making fundamental decisions that affect the daily lives of Liberians are neither able to tell the truth and nor stand for it, all is lost. When Morlu clearly expresses in such accurate details what are clearly universally known transgressions and failures by this government, only to flip 180 degrees, he does not only throw his integrity out the window, but runs outside and deliberately tramples it into the ground!
    What Morlu represents is not statesmanship. Rather, it is the same old grim predictable do-nothing space-occupying parochial opportunism that piggybacks on the real pain of a suffering people.

    The rhetorical question then is: can Liberia leadership get out of its seemingly endless bad performance mode without wise and trustworthy men and women occupying positions that requires people of good moral character?

  6. Too sad for our country Liberia. After speaking the reality of our current state, you have summersaulted just within 24hrs. This shows that you have sold your right to speak truth. Shame on you too Molubah Morlu


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