More4Education Partners Petitions National Legislature


A group of civil society organizations advocating for increased budgetary allotment to the education sector has petitioned the National Legislature to increase the education budget to a minimum 16.5% in fiscal year 2020/2021.

The More4Education Coalition Partners said on Thursday, October 1, that the allocation to education in subsequent national budgets, including fiscal 2021/2022 and 2022/2023, should be increased as motivation for USAID, EU, Global Partnership for Education, and other donors and partners to increase their support to the Liberian Education Sector.

The group further stated that the commitment to increase funding to education, which has been manifested over the last few years must be sustained to ensure that the sector receives the required resources and levels of accountability and efficiency to deliver adequate and quality education to the population.

The group said the Education Sector has seen gradual increase in recent years from 13.7% in fiscal year 2017/2018,14.7% in fiscal year 2018/2019 to 15.8% in fiscal year 2019/2020.

Ms. Jerryline Wonge said: “Funding is needed to fully implement the Education Reform Act of 2011, the National Policy on Girls Education, Education Sector Plan and other related policies, strategies and plans for improved and quality education and learning outcomes in Liberia.”

The group decried the Ministry of Education’s inability to fully provide and supervise the delivery of education services by public and private actors that are accessible to all-inclusive of gender sensitivity and responsiveness.

Receiving the petition from the More4 Education Coalition Partners, Representative Johnson Gwaikolo Chairman on Education at the Lower House, thanked the group and promised to present the petition to the relevant authority for subsequent deliberations.

The Chair on Education expressed gratitude to Liberia’s International Partners including USAID, especially those contributing to the education sector.

Representative Gwaikolo mentioned that it is of priority to National Government to better the education, health and infrastructure sectors of the Country.

The More4 Education Coalition Partners consists of seven national non-governmental organizations with the aim of advocating for increased budgetary allotment to the education sector with an overall 20% from the National Budget of Liberia.