More Women Accuse DenG of Sexual Harassment

Daniel George, (a.k.a DenG)

-Weeks after Sweetz alleged that the star musician attempted to rape her

After Sweetz accused DenG of attempted rape, two other women have alleged that the Liberian music star also sexually harassed them while on tour in the US about three years ago.

The two women, Munnah and Kadie Dickey, who claimed to have been staunch supporters of the singer, said DenG sexually harassed them when they met him in the US on a different occasion.

According to Munnah, DenG sexually harassed her when she visited him in Minnesota to discuss a collaboration deal.

“The first thing DenG did when I met him Minnesota was to begin the discussion with nasty sexual comments about my physical look, which makes me feel uncomfortable,” Munnah said.

“After the discussion, DenG asked me to sit down on his lap for a photo and to kiss him on his cheek, something which I did out of respect for the artist but, at the end of the day, he abused the privilege I gave him,” Munnah said.

Munnah added that DenG sexually harassed her in front of her son, “which made the situation so disgusting.” However, she said she decided to remain quiet due to potential negative public backlash from the singer’s fan base.

As for Kadie Dickey, she alleged that DenG sexually harassed her in 2016 at one of his shows in the USA, when she decided to give him a hug.

“During our first time meeting, I was so excited and gave him a hug. However, the whole situation turned awkward after he started hugging me too tight and moved his hand across my body, down to my buttocks, a move I found very disturbing.

“While hugging me, I told him I did not like the way he was playing with my body, but he did not listen. After satisfying his desire, he let go of me and that’s how I left the show very depressed and saddened,” she said.

Ms. Dickey added that while on her way home, DenG called her to inform her that he had booked a hotel for them and started to make seductive remarks over the phone, but she refused his request to join him at the hotel.

For Sweetz, her alleged rape allegation against DenG has begun to be investigated by the Brooklyn Park Police Department in the United States.

Sweetz said: “Legal action has been taken and the case is now on file. A police report has been filed which means we have taken the legal route.

“We said that if we ever hear about this particular thing again and we hear that he has done something to other women, we will come out and speak and we will go the legal route. That action has been taken; again I will say the assault was reported to the police,” she said.

Before the legal action was taken, Sweetz told FrontPage Africa that DenG forcedly attempted raping her in Minnesota when they met to discuss collaboration.

Sweetz alleged that while at his place, DenG took her to a dark room and started trying to kiss her and succeeded getting her naked. She said she was saved from being raped after he noticed that she was menstruating.

“He managed to pull my legs apart and tried to penetrate; the only thing that stopped him is that he saw the (sanitary pad). While hauling the panties down, I had my thighs squeezed together so the kortex didn’t stay in my pantie but between my legs,” Sweetz added

Then he said, “‘Oh Sweetz, you receiving you couldn’t tell me?’ so I told him, ‘But you and I got that one before I will be explaining to you.’ I saw him as a brother and those kinds of negative things like sexual abuse did not click in my mind,” she narrated.

Meanwhile DenG and his fans have maintained that Sweetz, along with every other woman who has been accusing him of inappropriate touching or attempted rape, are liars.

The artist said Sweetz and the other women who are accusing him were in love with him, and when he did not want to give them sex, they ganged up against him to destroy his hard-earned reputation.

While lots of Liberian male artists have remained mute on the allegations against DenG, US-based singer 2C, alias Mr. Mechanic, of Senegalese Star Akon’s Convict Records, expressed empathy towards the ladies.

He wrote on social media: “Kadie Dickey, Sweetz, Menneh Menneh, Gbalee Wia Togba Roda Starlet and many other victims who have experienced such thing, I’m sorry of what happened to you guys. Stay strong and pay no attention to the negativity. GOD is on your side!

“Daniel George, if you did these allegations you need to step up and apologize to these women!”

In support of Sweetz, Gospel musician Joel Smart wrote on his Facebook page: “I stand with Sweetz Musulyn Myers. I can’t vouch for all the victims, but I know her too well to know when she’s truly affected by a situation. Therefore, when she called me and confided this, I was shocked.

“I consider myself a friend to both parties (DenG and Sweetz), and as you can imagine this is a very sticky situation, but Sweetz would never lie about this. I have even gone back and forth with her about this and questioned why she wouldn’t speak up. I am so proud of you, Sweetz. People will have all the negative things to say, even with the information you’ve shared, but as I always say, only people that have sense can recognize it,” Mr. Smart said.

In support of DenG, Stone Luckshine, the artist’s longtime producer, wrote on his Facebook Page: “I will not support a rapist and any form of violence against women. Don’t keep silent on any assaults against women.  But till he can be proven guilty, I stand with you, my bro DenG. just take the legal action and let’s get through this.


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