More Threats as Jabateh Shows Up for Questioning

Mike Jabateh's supporters, led by an ex-rebel commander, who calls himslef "Beard Beard", besieged the entrance of the Temple of Justice after Jabateh had been invited for questioning in regard to his death threats against Chief Justice Francis Korkpor.

Counselor Gongloe attributes threats by former fighters to Government’s failure to address impunity

Scores of people, predominantly of the Mandingo ethnic group, gathered on Monday, morning, April 25, outside of the Temple of Justice building to show their support to Mike Jabateh, who had been invited by the authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) for threatening remarks he made against Chief Justice Francis Korkpor.

Recently, Jabateh in his comments on Facebook live video during the eviction exercise in Ganta, issued death threats against the Chief Justice, accusing him of being behind land disputes in Ganta.

“If one Mandingo man is killed, we will kill Chief Justice Francis Korkpor,” Jabateh is quoted as saying.

It was based upon the threatening statement that the police cited Jabateh for Investigation.

Up to press time, Jabateh was still at the Headquarters of the LNP, where he is undergoing investigation.

But, surprisingly, Jabateh’s supporters turned their anger against the Chief Justice Korkpor, and the Temple of Justice building, where they seized the premises that housed the offices of the Supreme Court Justices and judges of lower courts.

Some of the Jabateh’s supporters particularly, the former rebel commander of the Liberia United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) bearing the dour name is Beard Beard, who once boasted of slaughtering hundreds of innocent people, was heard saying, “the Liberian people know this name ‘Beard Beard’ and they know what I am capable of doing. I am going to kill the Chief Justice, because he personally took part in the land dispute.”

Mike Jabateh’s supporters, led by an ex-rebel commander, who calls himslef “Beard Beard”, besieged the entrance of the Temple of Justice after Jabateh had been invited for questioning in regard to his death threats against Chief Justice Francis Korkpor.

Like Beard Beard, other supporters were heard openly threatening to destabilize the country’s peace and kill the Chief Justice.

The intervention of court officers prevented Jabateh’s supporters from entering the premises of the Temple of Justice. Though, some of them were seen climbing the walls of the gate.

Some even engaged in throwing water bags on the compound of the Temple of Justice.

To the dismay of onlookers and court staffers, absolutely nothing much was done by the police to calm the situation as they stood watching the court officers struggle to contain the unruly crowd. Jabateh is indisputably a staunch member of the ruling CDC, a status many presumed could be the reason why the police is reluctant to respond to action by his supporters.

Shortly after witnessing and hearing the threats of war and planned attack against the Chief Justice, Counselor Tiawan Gongloe, president of the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA), termed the action as the result of failure to address impunity after the civil war.

“The reckless statement of Jabateh is a manifestation of the level of impunity and the refusal of the Government to adhere to the establishment of the war and economic crimes court.”

Cllr. Gongloe said the threat on the life of the Chief Justice is not against the Chief Justice alone, but others judges of the Judicial Branch of the Government.

According to Gongloe, the government should take the threat very seriously because it is going to instill fear in judges in the determination of cases around the country.

Cllr. Gongloe, meanwhile, disclosed that the LNBA is in the process of engaging communities around the country to solicit their support for a bill seeking the establishment of the war and economic crimes court as were recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

“We are going to engage our people throughout the country to ensure the establishment of a war and economic crimes court. This will ensure that those who committed serious crimes during the war will not go unpunished,” Gongloe further disclosed.

Recently, a group under the banner, The Zao Development Association, acting on behalf of the citizens of the Zao Township, expressed dismay that, days after the threats were issued against the head of such a strategic branch of government, there have been no public updates as to what security authorities have done so far.

“We believe allowing reckless statements such as the one coming from Mike Jabateh to go unquestioned and without the appropriate actions taken would only present Liberia as a free-for-all place where rule of law is not respected and where people are a law unto themselves,” the Zao association added.

The Zao people are also reminding the police and state security authorities to understand the sensitivity of the role of the Chief Justice in ensuring national peace; and therefore threats against his life should be of national, paramount concern.

“We, the citizens of Zao, also wonder why the tribal community Jabateh openly said he was defending in his verbal assaults has up to this date failed to condemn or dissociate itself from his reckless statement,” the Zao citizens said.

The statement further added that the entire joint security operation of Liberia should take seize on the matter and ensure the one issuing the threats is made to account for his action and the appropriate measures instituted to deter individuals from engaging in such malicious habits.

“We conclude this statement by reminding Jabateh and those who may be in support of his unfounded statements and threats that while the people of Zao stand for peace, their tolerance should never be misconstrued as being unable to hit back — and very hard — at any unscrupulous and misguided elements who have no regard for rule of law,” the release concludes.


  1. The gallentry of Counselor Gongloe’s impunity outcry in the ensuring Nimba- Mandingoes saga is commendable and timely.
    Afrer all, counselor Gongloe seems adept of the future direction of the country that is emersed in foreigners grips!
    How did we get here?
    Muslims outreach primarily a jihad, had long sought foothole on Liberian soil.
    Lopholes in our immigration and security
    services seem to exaceberate this menance. A dual religious policy by our president, first in its kind, in Liberia, is an endangerment of our country to muslims.
    Liberia was founded as a beacon of Christians Hope on the Grain Coast of Africa and its entirety had existed on the foundamentals of the Christian religion until late Samuel Doe would accede that to the Muslims by pronouncing “Madingoes as Citizens of Liberia”.
    Muslims are warlike and terrioristic with a jihadist cause to destroy western civilization everywhere around the world with Liberia no exception.
    Counselor Gongloe’s and other fears for the break of religious war between Christians and Muslims in Luberia as we see Nigeria today, are genuine unless impunity is adequately addressed.
    Arming muslims in the Liberian conflict too opened doors for their unpregmatic religious cause of war and that’s what Mike Jabateh is exploiting!
    The lesson to learn is America and the Mujahaddens which later became Osaman Ban Laden Alqeda Movement!
    There are credible reports about our president Weah’s desire to Islamize Liberia beginning with his granting Muslim holidays. These reports are disturbing and credibly seem to be true giving the dual-religious policy direction of the admimistration.
    There are also reports of Mr. Weah praying in the Mosques on Fridays and preaching in the Church on Sundays. By this, Mr. Weah is failing to learn that
    the caveat of history is not something new!
    If Mr. Weah thoroughly flip the pages therefrom, he would see the writings on the wall. But then here’s power that will not stop at any limit except the boiling limits when everything has gone wrong.
    No serious president in Liberia should ever grant a muslim holiday! Liberia is not for sale!
    Let the muslims go to Washington and demand for their holidays!!!

  2. Had it been for Henry Coast and his boys exercising their constitutional rights to demonstration, ooooh the police could have tear-gassed them, or pepper sprayed them by now.
    Had it been for Senator Yekeh Kolubah, by now we know who born dog. The police could have surrounded them or blocked him access to his office or suspended him from all activities.

    Where are our elite lawyers on this blog; our international diplomats, international mayors? Come out and quote the constitution and other articles. Where are you? Gone hiding as usual, when push comes to shove?

    Here you have the real problem of total impunity. People have killed and destroyed the lives of Liberians, yet we reward them with our presidency, they come in with their fighters to nag us forever.
    Don’t you guys know who support and empower those people threatening the life of the Chief Justice of Liberia? They pretend to be innocent, but they have been behind all the atrocities ever committed in Liberia.

    We don’t hope to, and no gun will ever fire in Liberia again. If it happens, it will be the last shot ever fired on the soil of Liberia!
    Take heed Weah!


    What good for the goose is it also good for the gander?
    Mike Jabateh and Yekeh Kolubah, both Liberian Citizens. One made threat on the president’s life, the other made threat on the Chief Justice’s life! Both: former fighters. Now, the verdict is in, whose threat is dangerous to Liberia’s stability.

    Open minded Liberians, your tell me oooh.
    From Kigali, Manepaikeh Flomolon

  4. Such is the case with Liberia where different standards often apply towards the commission of the same crime.

    If Jabateh was from the opposition camp, he would have been arrested and incarcerated by now. Nevertheless, he hailed from Weah’s CDC establishment, and so he deserved unequivocal preferential treatment.

    The over-arching question concerning Liberia today is not whether change will come. Change will come, but the challenges the new government will inherit as the results of the harsh socio-economic, socio-political, and the socio-cultural realities the Weah’s government shall have left behind, will take some years for his successor to undo before putting the country on a proper trajectory to real development.

  5. A very rational analysis from a young Liberian Brain in East Africa (Manepaikeh Flomolon). Will supporter of Mr. Kolubah criticize Mr. Jabateh, when their boss (Mr. Kolubah), has over a period continue threatening, and insulting anything WEAH? The Chief Justice and the President who deserves more protection?

    Fellow Liberian, never heap praises on anyone for doing wrong, it only produce more copycats.

  6. Thank you Bah
    I always love reading your comments, it is ecstatic, top provoking and rational in themes. I hope we meet one day.

    This is not about Yekeh Kolubah or Mike Jabateh, it is about seeing the truth and rationalizing for solution. This is a litmus test for Liberia. We cannot find any solution to our problem by marginalizing any section of our population. We have tried it and the results are what we are struggling with today.
    Some Liberians are stuck in the past, clinging on fail and unproductive ideologies that can lead us no where. Liberia is not Saudi Arabia, where one religious or ideology call the marching orders.

    To all Liberian, let Mr. Jabateh have his days in court, let not prejudge him by his followers. Same to Mr. Kolubah, no one should judge him by his followers either.
    I m member of the Kpelle Tribe from Bong County. I live in Rwanda and did schooling here. People are so open minded here.

  7. Whatever is happening in Liberia now is the manifestation that Liberia is going thru the most wreckless leadership the world has ever seen.
    No matter what anyone’s role in the past war, as long as he can hide behind the membership of CDC, he is well protected as a loyal citizen. President Weah has astounded the Liberian people in his inundated desire to naturalize both Indians and Lebanese who are, hitherto, using Liberians as nonentities in our own country.
    George Weah was elected President of Liberia mostly by the votes of illiterate young street thugs. Hence as a consequence, no advice or criticism by any responsible voice can make sense in his misrule. And as long as former Presidents Taylor and Ellen perfected the effect of bribery and divide and rule, all their successors will capitalize on it to secure their administration. In this dimension, the cries and voices of the people do not matter. Julius A. Momo – Stone, USA


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