‘More Than Me’ Principal Probed for Statutory Rape Allegation

    Macintosh Johnson2.jpg

    Credible Information reaching the Daily Observer says authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) are investigating a senior staff of More Than Me (MTM) Academy over allegations of statutory rape.

    Macintosh Johnson, who is MTM’s community liaison to West Point, was arrested on June 16 following numerous complaints regarding his sexual misconduct toward the students.

    “Johnson is being investigated by LNP,” a credible source said.

    MTM is an American- Liberian run non-governmental organization that is providing free education opportunities to less-privileged girls, mainly in the West Point Community. 

    The school came into the limelight as an NGO project having won a handsome prize of US$1 million on the Chase Bank American Giving Awards NBC-TV broadcsat for the charitable organization, More Than Me Foundation, founded by America. The foundation’s aim is to build schools to empower young Liberian girls who are otherwise at risk of sexual exploitation

    Several government agencies,  including the Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberian National Police, GoL /UN GBV Joint Program, Ministries of Justice, and Gender, are currently gathering testimonies from the students.

    Informed sources say the school’s administration, the LNP, and parents of the victims, on Friday, June 20 held closed-door meeting, regarding the ongoing investigation.

    “The school has also consulted its legal counsel to ensure a smooth investigation, conduct internal probes into the event, and ensure that it is an isolated incident,” the sources said.

    It has also taken steps to form a coalition of partners,  including HOPE, the Women’s Protection and Empowerment team at the International Red Cross (IRC), to jointly address sexual abuses of children in the West Point community.


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