More than 9,000 Burkinabes Illegally Squatting in Grand Gedeh

Grand Gedeh Senator Marshall Dennis

Senator Marshall A. Dennis has confirmed that over nine thousand (9,000) Burkinabés are illegally occupying a portion of land belonging to citizens of Grand Gedeh County. Senator Dennis told a media conference at his Capitol Building office yesterday that the Burkinabés are presently doing farming and growing crops such as cocoa on the lands they are occupying.

Under Liberian law, foreigners do not own land but lease or rent from the citizens who are the chief custodians of the land in the country.

The Senator, who chairs the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency, has described the action of the Burkinabés as “Economic sabotage and poses a security threat which, we say, is of international dimension; because these people are foreigners in such a large number, and are even getting more than the inhabitants themselves, which is worrisome. They have even begun hoisting their country’s flag.”

The infiltration of the foreigners has already been placed on the floor of the Senate, and hearing was expected by plenary on August 26, but the issue was deferred to the next sitting of the Senate, as members of national security apparatus invited were caught in the anti-rape campaign traffic.

Senator Dennis recalled that in 2015 a communication was done and presented to Senate plenary on the same issue, “and a delegation headed by then-Defense Minister Brownie J Samukai left and went to that forest area, and they confirmed the presence of these illegal migrants. They made a report, but perhaps that has not done too much good for us, because the number of those illegal immigrants continues to go up.”

He asserted that the distance from the nearest town to where illegal migrants are occupying is approximately nine hours of walk. “It’s possible that, besides the farming, they are even carrying on alluvial mining, because there is a huge mineral deposit in that area and, with no one policing them, they can go ahead with no benefit to the community and the government of Liberia.”

Senator Dennis, however, clarified that an exhaustive investigation will show that some of those illegal occupants were brought in to the county through the Ivory Coast by some citizens of Grand Gedeh to help them with farming, with the promise that they would be given land for their own farming purposes. “All of these things just require exhaustive investigation to find out, otherwise we are going to lose that portion of Liberia to a foreign land.”


  1. This situation should be taking very seriously and dealt with immediately. There should be no political ranting about it.
    Our government should immediately provide the legal framework to protect the people of eventual spoliation. Flags have started being hoisted, beware!

    The Western part of Cote d’Ivoire is plagued with the same situation. The government doesn’t know how to deal with it nowadays. There are millions of children from Western Cote d’Ivoire who no longer have a plot of land or a place called village. They are taken over by people from the subregion, mainly Burkinabe.

    Citizens of Grand Gedeh, take heed!
    To our elected officials, do not play politics with this issue, deal with it immediately!

  2. Trojan Horses! Liberia must be very careful with these people. They have ulterior motives. If we allow them to settle illegally, they will bring in their relatives and soon overtake over the local population. Aren’t there people in Grand Gedeh who could help with farm work for small money?

    I recently watched a documentary on Aljazeera, “Bitter chocolate: Deforestation in the Ivory Coast,” in which thousands of them are living illegally and farming cocoa and other crops in the Ivorian forest near the Liberian border. They are literally damaging the forests. Painfully, I saw little school age kids who went there just to work for foods.

    Remember these people are running away from the onslaught of the DESERT in their country. But you are allowing them to settle in Grand Gedeh? Besides their quests for foods and money, there is something about the Moosi tribes that you must be watch out for. They could eventually take over Grand Gedeh by force.

    GoL, please spend more money on majority of your citizens in the interior to avoid more future problems. These Trojan HORSES in Grand Gedeh and Nimba might be released one day at our detriment.

  3. This act of provocation by citizens from our sister country as being reported repeatedly, apparently seem to be mistreated by our government since 2015 clearly speak to a gloomily dangerous situation. We can no longer move in our forest freely in search of food and for farming because of the huge presence of foreign nationals.

  4. Citizens of the ECOWAS region are allowed to travel freely between one country to the other. It did not say, start minning, farming and squatting illegally in another man’s country. What the burkinabees, Guineans, Ghanaians, Sierra Leoneans, Malians, Senegalese and Ivoirans are doing in our country can never be done in their country.

    The solution is very simple. Take the army and police into the forest or wherever they are and destroy their farm lands, mines and homes and deport them back to their country. This is very simple. But then again, there are Liberians who are conniving with those people and the government knows about it and doing nothing to stop it.

  5. They drove their own fellow Liberians, Rep. Yekeh Kolubah and Hon. Alexander Cummings, out of Grand Gedeh, but they sit by and allowed about 10,000 foreigners to illegally occupy their land.

  6. If they are refugees ,the local governments should let them know,they they are not owner to the land so it’s can’t create problem in the future


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