More Senior Gov’t Officials Contracting COVID-19

Sports Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe.jpg

GoL’s chief spokesman, Information Minister Eugene Nagbe, quarantined at Military Hospital

Another senior government official, Min. Lenn Eugene Nagbe said he has tested positive for coronavirus.

“I was informed last night by the health authorities that a second run of my specimen came out positive. I am now at the 14 Military Hospital,” he said.

This comes less than 24 hours after three other government officials including, Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean, Deputy Police Director for Administration, Sadatu Reeves and Deputy LDEA Boss Marcus Zeahyoue were all tested positive for the virus.

Minister Nabge also participated in the ECOWAS e-Conference with President George Weah, Foreign Minister, and Economic Advisor, Emmanuel Shaw on April 23, 2020, even though, they were all wearing face mask, excluding the president.

As members of the Joint Security, who are essentially responsible to enforce the social distancing regulations, have become infected by COVID-19, the scourge is dangerously close to the core of Weah Administration.

The officials, all of who are members of the Joint Security Committee, attended a meeting on April 11, where it’s believed that they all contracted the virus.

Liberia has to date recorded 133 confirmed cases, including 25 recoveries and 16 deaths. A total of 33 health workers have so far been confirmed positive for the virus.

So far there has been one confirmed death each, due to COVID-19, among health workers and state security personnel, amid a growing number of confirmed cases in either sector.

Our prayers are with all those on the front lines of this fight and may God guide and save Liberia.


  1. This is getting real serious. Gol needs to find another alternative to communicate instead of having mass meeting with officials.

    • Mr. Jame show kindness to mankind in the time of their sorrows. Greater love has Christ that he gave his life for mankind.

      • Show kindness? Come on man. These corrupt, incompetent idiots have caused so many Liberians to die because they steal the funds that would be used to provide healthcare, education and other services for the Liberian people. I don’t have empathy for scums of Liberia. You should be happy that the virus might just do the job that our justice system can’t do…

    • My man, I agree. Let the virus clean house – those greedy asses pretending to be public servants. They’re nothing but useless human garbage. Most Liberians are so dumb, they like to forgive these greedy assholes when nature is trying to eliminate them from our midst. Now they’re scared like hell – great.

  2. Torkay!! God please take complete control of our Country and People. I am in my Pro-Poor conner where you will not see me yaaa…Coro Baby!!!

  3. Get well soon, Mr Minister . Cause there is a need to start what James Davis started politically . See you very soon, and get well in best of strength.


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