More Donations Pour In for Madrassah School Victims, Survivors

Islamic leaders deliberate a the distribution of more donations to families of the Madrassah school fire victims and survivors

— Grand Mufti recommends investment in real estate in memory of deceased students, instructors

The families of the 26 students and two (2) instructors who died in the Islamic Madrassah School fire in Red Light, Paynesville, have received another round of support on Sunday, October 27, 2019 which were donated by individuals and institutions in and out of the country over a period of time.

This is the second major donation to the families of the fire victims and survivors in a month. In an earlier donation, the families received US$1,000 per victim, while each survivor got US$500 from proceeds donated by the Guinean delegation.

The latest distribution on Saturday, October 26, was done by the Muslim Community at the United Duwah Ummah Mosque on 17th Street Sinkor. The Islamic Grand Mufti in Liberia, Sheikh Abubakar Sumaworo; the Islamic Advisor to the President, Oumari Jalloh and Sheikh Omaru Kamara, chairman of the National Muslim Council, were among the attendance during the distributions.

Each of the 26 deceased family received US$410; L$19,500; 10 bags of rice (25kg), 15 liters argo oil and one plastic bag of beans.

Each of the two injured-survivors received US$388; L$13,000; six bags of rice (25kg), 10 liters argo oil and one plastic of beans and each of the two un-injured survivors benefitted US$200; five bags of rice (25kg), 10 liters argo oil and one plastic of beans.

The only survivor who is still hospitalized received US$500; L$13,000; six bags of rice (25kg), 10 liters argo oil and one plastic of beans.

According to the summary of donations and expenditure, US$29,547; L$1,383,745 and 50 Euros have been so far received. The expenditure over the period were US$7,185 and L$352,270. The total balances are US$22,361.50 and L$1,031,475.000 respectively.

Accordingly, 60% of US$22,361.50 and L$1,031,475.000 in the amount of US$13,416.90 and L$ 618,885.00, were distributed among the families of the deceased and the survivors while the remaining 40% in the tune of US$8,944.60 and 412,590.00 will be used to renovate mosques across the country.

Deceased students and instructors

Madrissah Islamic school students and their teachers before the tragic fire incident.

The names of the students and teachers who died during the Duwah Ummah Holy Quran School Fire Disaster in Red Light Paynesville were: Mohammed Bousirious Jalloh, Abdul-Maliki Jalloh, Mohammed Abbas Abdullah, Housine Shemon, Ousman Jallah, Mohammed Yousuf Jallah, Mama Samba Jalloh, Abdoul Karimou Diallo, Alpha Oumari Jalloh, Oumari Jalloh, Immran Abdullah, Mohammed Lamin Jalloh and M. Wourrie.

Others were Abdul-Rasheed Jalloh, Osman Sow, Mamoudo Jalloh, Abdourahman Barry, Abraham Barry, Alhusssain Jallah, Zakaria Jalloh, Boussouriou Diallo, Ousman Ibrahim Barry, Ibrahim Bah, Ahmado Jalloh, Mustapha Barry, Djoubair Diallo, Abdul-Rahman Sow and Sheik Wurrie Bah.

Surviving Students

The surviving students of the Islamic school fire include Amadou Jalloh, Cheino Saliou Jalloh, Abdoul Jalloh, Mohammed Alieu Sow and Alhaji Gandho Jalloh.

It has been announced that there are more donations pending, but Grand Mufti Sumaworo told Muslims to use the incoming donations to invest in real estates in memory of the deceased students. He said according to the Quran, such properties or investment cannot be sold, given out as gifts or inherited.

President Weah’s Promise

Meanwhile, the Islamic Advisor to the President, Oumari Jalloh, has revealed that as per the promise of the President to rebuild the burnt Islamic school, building materials have already been procured, purchased and transported to the site and a contractor has been selected to begin the reconstruction soon.

Oumari said the President made the promise when he visited the burning site.



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