More ‘Contaminated’ Frozen Food Arrested In Ganta


Some quantity of contaminated frozen food has resurfaced in the City of Ganta, less than two weeks since some quantities were disposed of and destroyed by joint security authorities in Nimba County.

The contaminated food was sold to local marketers at cheap prices and recently got booked on the market by Nimba County Agriculture Coordinator, Samuel Kehleay.

According to him, the rotten chicken products were displaced in the market in Gbahn, a town near Ganta, along the Saclepea highway.

Upon discovering the products, Kehleay immediately seized them along with the seller, who showed authorities the location of the storage where these rotten products were bought.

The lady, along with the contaminated items, were taken to the local Ministry of Commerce office, where a team of joint security, health, agriculture, inspector from the Environmental Protection Agency, Commerce agents and officers from Ganta City office moved in on Banjak Inc. Frozen Food Center, and confiscated several other cartons of the “contaminated food” in storage.

The lady’s money was refunded by the cold storage management, while the joint security team, headed by Commerce, took the “contaminated products away and had them burnt.”

There were no fines or penalties imposed to the management of Banjak Inc. Frozen Food Center for the sale of the rotten products, leading many to perceive this as a bad precedent set by the Commerce Ministry to allow a business that deals in “contaminated food products to go without being penalized.”

Some of the rotten frozen meat displaced on the table

The Banjak Inc. Frozen Food Center was caught in the selling of rotten frozen during the course of July 26, 2019, but the case was allegedly compromised by authorities. One of the workers, who asked not to be named, told the Daily Observer that the frozen products were brought to Ganta from Monrovia in the same condition that it was sold.

The storage is good, but these goods came like this from the headquarter in Monrovia,” he said.

On July 16, 2019, the team of joint security, headed by Ministry of Commerce office in Nimba, “burnt” a huge quantity of contaminated frozen food products from another cold storage company, Fresh Frozen Food in Ganta.

Even though, it was alleged that the management was engaged in the sale of the products to customers, at last, they declared to authority of being in possession of rotten products, where a team of inspectors went and separated the expire products from the rest of the goods in the storage.


  1. I am sorry for our people,the people they trust and voted for are not protecting them, instead they are only thinking about what they can get. If the GOL really cares about the country, then the ministry of Agriculture should be investigating and inspecting the safety and importers of the food that are being shipped to our country. We can’t put all the blames on the government,people are leaving the villages to buy peppers and greens in the city, When they can grow them. People are getting sick from the bad imported food that are not inspected.

  2. These criminal health damaging acts that are being compromised in exchange of few USDs is dangerous and shall be deadly in our country, which masses are already greatly suffering. The blame goes mainly to the Weah’s regime and partially, those unpatriotic and heedless elements of the Liberian society who help these so-called foreign businessmen (the importers) of those expired food and meat kinds. These commercial criminals, I mean immoral and or unscrupulous gangs will never mean no good for the people of Liberia. This is simply because their concerns are centred on money. How much they can make out of our poor people is just what their evil minds tell them, but the well-being of Liberians is not and does not matter to them. Very soon, I mean in a couple of years from now, Liberia will be, either hosting half of her population in hospitals or a large number will be carried to the grave yards. These bands of ‘organized gangsters’ must have to be fought by and means in order to save our country, its sons and daughters and particularly the generations to come. Hence, Liberians wake up, stand up and act up! //Gonyanue Blah

  3. It is a shame that Liberia has to import chicken FEET from abroad for our people to eat. We are not sure of the origin of the products nor how long they have been in freezers. Some countries keep these products for years before dumping them on lazy and unsuspecting people. My question is: why can Liberia not grow her own chickens? We need thousands of women managing chickens in their backyards, each group growing enough to feed their district. I once tried to initiate this project in Liberia but could get no action oriented response from the Min of Agric. We need to get serious! We can produce our won chickens but our Min of Agric must become more active.

  4. The Diasporian Liberians can solve the overall problems we face in Liberia if we do the one thing we detest the most – which is to organizes over 50% of our resources in the diaspora. We already contributing over $450 millions annually to the Liberian economic. With all of our intellectual accomplishments, skills acquired, and economic potential, all we want to do is intellectually masturbate, and carryout critical analysis. This is what happened to people that have been conditions mentally to be dependent on other people for their very own survival. With all we have learned and continue to learn we will always exhibit the dependency syndromes. “The Lebanese Cartel” Aided by other Liberians, and Hidden Hands of the White Race will continue to kill us, i.e. contaminated barrels of meat discovered 5 months ago, Ebola, mad medicine on the market, etc. When will Liberian in the diaspora takes it rightful place, in the betterment of Liberia?

    • You couldn’t have said it any better sir. We have the capacity and resources to develop projected such as large capacity countries and farms throughout Liberia by forming an entity where we can become share holders and decision makers within our economy.
      Obasanjo’s farm was at the cost of $3millions and they are exporting his outputs to Nigeria.
      Liberians in the diaspora spend millions of dollars each year on parties and its their rights to; however, why aren’t we thinking about creating ventures that will create income and employ our people ?
      The more we sit and become spectators, the more others will come in with substandard products.

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