MoPT Trains Technicians on E-Gov’t Program

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The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has trained technicians who will help the government in the Information Communication Technology sector and the country’s E-Government program development.

The E-Government program is intended to help agencies and other government organizations move information, and payment processes online to provide services to citizens.

The training was attended by representatives from the ministries of Internal Affairs, Public Works, Postal Affairs, and other agencies of government, including LTA, LIBTECO, among others.

Kollubazzi Howard, Director for Strategy at LTA, described the training as a critical component of the ICT strategy that is aimed at providing electronic services to impact government’s transformation in the telecommunications sector through decentralization to benefit Liberians across the country.

He said there is a need for more programmers and therefore ministries and agencies should be involved in putting up systems that will provide information for the government, adding.

Dr. Paul Danquah, a facilitator at the training, said his coming to Liberia for such program was a privilege because he sees a country that has undergone so many challenges, including civil war and the recent Ebola outbreak.

He noted that Liberians are a group of people who are determined hence giving him the privilege to contribute what he has learned is monumental to his career.

He used the opportunity to thank the participants and authorities at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and other officials of government for being receptive during his stay in the country.

He told the participants that they have just begun the process and that there is the need for more training to build their capacity, while at the same time commending the Liberian government for venturing into the ICT program to see Liberia computerized in the future.

Meanwhile, Postal Affairs Deputy Minister for Technical Services, Zotawon D. Titus, commended the facilitator and the participants for successfully ending the workshop.

He hailed Dr. Danquah for providing his services to the participants as Liberians strive to be on par with other developing countries in the ITC sector.


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