MOPT Postal Marking Records Over 25,000 Properties

Employees of MOPT marking properties on Gurley and Carey Streets over the weekend.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MOPT) has moved to its final third phase stage of numbering homes in central Monrovia with over 25,000 homes marked in its database.

The numbering of homes, which is considered as the National Postal Address System, has hit central Monrovia with employees dressed in their attire, wearing face masks in observance of health protocols while performing their duties.

MOPT Moved to its Final third phase Stage for the National Postal Address system in central Monrovia. The official colors for the numbering of homes are Yellow and Black.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is working expeditiously to coverer as many places as possible in greater Monrovia after completing some parts of Congo town and Sinkor with its ongoing National Postal Address system (NAPAS) project.

In a press release, the ministry said, he National Postal Address System is in fulfillment with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) mandate which seeks to have all its member states to have National addresses for everyone.

The pilot project started in 2013 from TB annex to the Vomoma House. The second face covered from Vamoma House to First Street on Tubman Boulevard, while the ongoing third phase is designed to cover central Monrovia.

The exercise has currently covered the United Nations (UN) drive to West Point, Camp Johnson road, Clay and Perry streets, and now on Broad and Randall streets.

At present, the program has covered over 25,000 properties,  meaning that the Ministry will be able to deliver mails to those properties that have visible postal addresses. The exercise will also be helpful, not only for mail delivery but contact tracing for the Ministry of Health (MOH), Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) tax properties, real estate, National security purposes, Fire services for fire disaster areas, etc.

It is reported that MOPT is currently in negotiation with a Ghanaian Firm to digitalize not only Monrovia put the entire country.


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