MOPT, Partners to Enforce P.O. Box Registration

Minister Kruah and his deputy in discussion with the Liberia Business Registry boss in 2019.

The Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications, in collaboration with the Liberia Business Registry, are jointly enforcing regulations for business institutions operating within the country to obtain a mailing address (P.O. Box Number).

In August 2019, The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah, Sr. and the Deputy Minister for Administration, Cllr. Edward K. Goba, visited the Liberia Business Registry to strengthen the discussion.

It is reported that, all business and institutions must first obtain their P.O. Box number before applying to the Liberia business Registry (LBR) for their business certificate.

A caveat has been sent out that, “Businesses and Institutions are further requested to proceed at the Lock Box Section, the section responsible to issue P.O. Box Numbers, stationed within the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, located at the corner of Carey and McDonald Streets, for application form and G.T. Bank deposit slip for the payment of your annual fees in order to obtain your P.O.Box number.”

The ministry has outlined several steps to include; obtain an application form free of charge from the post offices or its website (; fill in the form and return it at the post office. Upon the return of the form, a GT Bank payment slip is issued for the lockbox service. For fee payment, proceed a the GT banking payment window at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications or any other GT Bank widows and made payment.

Payment steps further continue, “Take the duplicate copy of the bank payment slip to the lock box section at the Ministry to process your official payment receipt”.

Subscribers will also take the duplicate bank slip along with the photo copy of the official receipt to the lock box section at the ministry for activation of your P. O Box number and a key will be issue in the following categories as large seize business, for extra-large and large boxes, medium seize business for medium box and small seize business for small box.

The Ministry is also warning that lock boxes are not transferable to another person or business except authorized and approved by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

“Lock Boxes are the sole property of the Ministry but only issued for rental services. All delinquent customers for a period of ninety days shall have their boxes re-possessed by the Ministry” a communication noted.

Meanwhile, categories for fees are as follows, Small Box US$40, Medium box US$50, Large Box US$80 and Extra-large is US$100.


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