MOPAJOB Provides L$600k to Support Boakai’s Presidency

MOPAJOB chairman hands over the endorsement and the financial support of L$ 600,000 to Vice President Boakai

By Gloria T. Tamba

The Movement for the Presidency of Ambassador Joseph Boakai (MOPAJOB) has presented six hundred thousand Liberian dollars (L$600,000) as its initial contribution to the presidential bid of the Unity Party standard bearer.

The organization in support of the Vice President’s presidential ambition made the presentation over the weekend during an endorsement and initial financial support program held at the VP’s residence.

According to the endorsement statement read by Mr. John Voker, MOPAJOB chairman, the intention of the transnational movement is to ensure that the VP is elected as the next President of Liberia for his numerous contributions to and passion for the development of the country.

“We are endorsing him because he is a man with integrity, is development oriented and has served our country with distinction. That is why we mobilized resources as an initial contribution towards his presidency,” he said.

Accepting the endorsement and the financial contribution, VP Boakai lauded the organization for its endless support and for standing by him. “I see this and feel that God is working because I have been receiving several donations and also being endorsed by citizens of Bong, Bomi, Gbarpolu counties which shows that things will be great.

“We have been seeing young people who are not employed but continue to put their money together to support me in whatever way they can. It’s not about the money but the love shown me, which I’m grateful for. I am appreciative of every effort from everyone joining me for the betterment of our country,” said Vice President Boakai, adding that he is overwhelmed by the MOPAJOB contribution and for its support to his presidential bid in the upcoming elections.

The Unity Party standard bearer explained that despite this move by the organization, there is still more work to be done, adding that despite the assistance received from Liberia’s international partners, it would take the collective effort of Liberians to prove to the world that we are worthy of such support.

“Every one of us still has the energy, and with high education and a vibrant environment, we will ensure great progress, even though our oppositions are saying we are doing nothing but we will be doing the nothing until something is done because your home is your home and the little things you do people will trust you,” he said.

According to the co-chairman of the organization, Mr. Wolobah Kesselly, the organization has over seven thousand registered voters across the country, with a leadership that spans national and international borders, including the Liberian community in the United States of America and others.

“MOPAJOB is an independent movement whose financial strength comes from ourselves and members both in the US and Liberia with special honor to the Board of Directors and executive members,” Kesselly said in an overview. “This is just the initial contribution but our aim is to ensure VP Boakai becomes the next president of this nation.”


  1. When VP Boakai announced his intention back in 2016, many people thought he would go nowhere. The VP was taught to be so weak even a nonentity like Dr. McCain Touch came rushing down from his assignment in Abujah to run for the UP nomination against him, claiming to have accumulated hundreds of delegates. But today, the young nationalists around VP Boakai have transformed his Presidential Campaign into a People Power Movement. And the reason is their Message.

    That message is a clarion call on Native Liberians to take their country back from the minority Congoes.

    The Congo people constitute only 3% of the population of Liberia, but they have produced 22 of the nation’s 24 presidents; and because of their monopolization of the presidency, they control 90% of the total wealth of the nation, while the majority Natives continue to wallow in humiliating poverty.

    So, the masses are reversing the relationship between the Candidate and the Voters.


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