MOP Climaxes 2018 Youth Peace Summer Camp

Messengers Of Peace 2018 Youth Peace Summer Camp Graduates

After four weeks of educative programs, the Messengers of Peace (MOP) on Tuesday, September 4, certificated and awarded 75 youths at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) for successfully participating in the 2018 Youth Peace Summer Camp.

The program, which brought together 25 adolescents and 50 young adults under the supervision of experienced and skilled facilitators, provided youths with knowledge in public speaking, understanding conflict, building self-esteem, understanding Sustainable Development Goals as well as Photography and Pastry-making.

MOP executive director, Gwendolyn Myers, said that for three years, through the assistance of mentors, specifically government officials, UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and international non-governmental organizations, MOP has been able to organize and manage a successful peace summer camp for people with ages 5-29 years.

Going forward, Youth and Sports Minister D. Zoegar Wilson acknowledged MOP’s peace efforts, but called on the youth to go back into their respective communities, share their peace experience, and work together, to ensure that peace is secured by doing away with vices that have the propensity to create instability.

“Fostering peace is not left with the President alone but each and every person,” he said.

A representative from The Carter Center (TCC), one of MOP’s cooperative partners, called on the graduates to encourage other young people to take advantage of the peace program.

“We will connect with our staff in the various counties to guide and mentor peace workers,” Johnny Ndebe from TCC told the graduates.

MOP Executive Director, Gwendolyn Myers

“What I have learned from this program is that Ms. Myers always told us to treat those we perceived as our enemies with kindness, because if you hate them, you’ll be harming yourself,” Hannah Kollie, a youth peace camper, said in her testimony.

Out of the 75 graduates, 25 were recruited to the MOP regular and network volunteer programs.

Ms. Myers then expressed gratitude to authorities of ministries of Youth and Sports, Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), and the young peace messengers of MOP Incorporated, for giving the organization an extraordinary opportunity to implement one of the best and most consequential youth activities of peace in the country.

Other high-profile personalities that graced the occasion were Nathaniel B. Walker, Hon. Jurah Samoe and Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee.

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