Montserrado County Supt-Designate Guilty of US$63K Debt

Montserrado County Sup-designate Florence Brandy.

The repeated failure of Montserrado County Superintendent-designate Florence Brandy to appear before the Commercial Court at the Temple of Justice to answer the Action of Debt lawsuit filed against her by the management of East International Group, a construction company she hired to construct the Soul Clinic Community road in District #4, has prompted the court to find her guilty, thereby demanding her to pay US$63,002.28 as judgment.

Chief Judge Eva Mappy-Morgan ruled that 6 percent of the judgment amount of US$63,002.28, which is US$3,780.14, will be paid as statutory interest, while 25 percent of that same money, representing US$15,750.57, will be paid as attorney fees.

Morgan said the 6 percent of the judgment amount will go as sheriff collection fees and the remaining US$59,222.14 will represent the final payment to the company.

According to Morgan, before passing judgment, Supt. Brandy was cited on five separate occasions (September 7, 9, 19, 22 and 27, 2017) for the parties to appear for a pretrial conference that should have set the basis for the hearing of the matter, but the Superintendent and her legal team failed to honor all of those assignments.

Brandy and her legal team’s repeated failure to appear before the court, gave the company’s lead lawyer, Lawrence Yeakula, the opportunity by law to file a motion to rule the case to  trial in the absence of the defendant, which Judge Morgan granted by ruling against Brandy on January 18, 2018.

In the court’s document dated July 19, 2017, Cllr. Yeakula filed an action of debt  against Montserrado County Superintendent-designate Florence Brandy claiming US$55,199.82 as money she owed them.

The court record alleged that the company through its chairman, Cao Yunfeng, and defendant Brandy on December 9, 2015, entered into a contract for the rehabilitation of the Soul Clinic and Duport Road communities, including the back filling of the double culvert lines in District#4, Montserrado County, at the total cost of US$235,199.82.

During the construction process, the record showed that Brandy made a partial payment of US$180,000 against the total contract, leaving an outstanding balance of US$55,199.82, which she has not paid although the work is completed.


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