Montserrado County By-elections Postponed for 2nd Time

NEC Chairman Jerome G. Korkoya

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has postponed the Montserrado By-Election scheduled for Monday, July 8, 2019, a reliable source tipped off the Daily Observer earlier today.

Speaking the Daily Observer via phone, this morning, NEC spokesman Prince Dunbar denied the information, suggesting that, in order for the postponement to be official, the NEC would have to officially inform the Legislature, which had not been done to his knowledge at the time.

However, following a meeting with political parties and candidates this afternoon a the NEC headquarters, Mo Ali, who heads the media team for the Abe Darius Dillon for Senate campaign, announced on Facebook that the candidate’s “rally, scheduled for Friday July 5, 2019, has been postponed. The new date will be announced when the National Elections Commission announces the new date for the by-election in Montserrado.”

This would be the second postponement of this Montserrado County by-election. The first by-election date, scheduled for Tuesday, July 2, 2019 was announced as NEC received administrative notice dated April 9, 2019 and April 29, 2019 from the Senate and the House of Representatives, announcing vacancies caused by the deaths of Senator Geraldine Doe Sherif and Representative Adolph A. Lawrence, respectively.

However, NEC postponed the by-election to Monday, July 8, 2019, due to the need for more time to get all the pre-packed materials, as well as the ballot papers, NEC chairman Cllr. Jerome Korkoya told journalists at the time.

It is not clear why the NEC is postponing the by election this time. At the previous postponement, Cllr. Korkoya said government had committed itself to making available US$2.5 million and, of that amount, the Commission had up to that point received US$900,000 and LS$114 million.

Meanwhile, NEC has neither confirmed nor denied the postponement of the election. However, Dunbar told the Daily Observer that there would be a major press conference on Thursday, July 4, to address the issue.


  1. I don’t think it is about pre-packed election materials issue any more than it is about attempting or devising a plan to cheat unbehalf of the ruling party. Kokoyah will leave the election commission filthy rich. Weah may be negotiating with him to hand him a bribe considering the massive support the opposition is receiving.

  2. The set date for the NEC to inform the Liberian people about the postponement of Montserrado county senatorial by-election is July 4, 2019. Until that day arrives, it doesn’t make sense for accusations to fly. It is hoped that the NEC will keep its word by letting the Liberian people know why the postponement was necessary.

  3. Heney, this is the second time in two months, you know it started with money, than before July second, the commission said that materials have not arrived, than couples of days ago they said that they were ready for the July 8 election, so what than happen?, worse of all they postponed the election with out setting a date. Do you know what it takes to run a campaign in Liberia?

  4. It’s an honor to respond to you, Mr. Ernest Johnson B, Sr. First of all, my name is spelled as Hney. You may want to introduce a different spelling. But that’s not going to work my friend. An error it could have been made on your part, regardless, the spelling of my last name stands as it is.

    Frankly, I don’t know how much money is spent in order to carry out an election in Liberia. The cost is of no consequence. In the state in which I live, I used to be a Republican election judge. It was a great part time job. However Ernest, I am not involved in that type of business anymore. I move with the changing times when it suits my perspective.

    My point remains unchanged. Until July 4, 2019, we should not guesstimate what Weah and Korkoyah are up to. In fact, the two gentlemen may not be chatting in the dark about bribery. The point is if we all spent nine (9) months in the wombs of our loving mothers, we can wait for a day or two to know precisely why the senatorial by-election was postponed.

    Let’s be patient.

    • This is the kind of crap that rattles my last nerve. These elections means a lot to thousands of people and the country at large. People whose lives and future are impacted by them; no “play-play” thing in order for one jackass to just order it around as if it is his fiefdom. The people of Montserrado will surely understand any logical reason why this election needs to be postponed. But since the reason for the postponement may not be convincing, this decision is therefore shrouded in secrecy, for fear the candidates and their supporters will not accept it. NEC, for example, cannot use lack of money or election materials as reason for this postponement. That will make them look inefficient, incapable and unprepared to conduct these elections. A cloud that has hovered over this NEC from the day Korkoyah assumed its leadership. Surprisingly the opposition has become silent again on the many issues raised with and about this very NEC during the past presidential election, ranging from the eligibility, honesty and integrity of its chairman, and the unpreparedness of the commission to conduct the election. Nothing has changed since then, as far as the eligibility of Mr. Korkoyah and the logistical preparedness of the NEC to conduct any election adequately. Perhaps they (the opposition) are waiting again until the next presidential election before raising these concerns again. Bunch of self-seeking hustlers.

  5. “Bunch of self-seeking hustlers”. Most rational people should agree with this phrase.

    It seems that there’s an invisible river of confusion some Liberians take a plunge into. Once the plunge occurs, there seems not to be a way out. Just totally confused. Egocentric.


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