Monrovians to Benefit from Free MRI Testing

Newly elected Montserrado County District #12 Representative Dr. George Beyan Samah and his daughter Jowo Samah Weston display the medical equipment

Residents of Montserrado County Electoral District #12, and those in its immediate environs will benefit from a ‘free medical service’ being offered by the district’s newly elected lawmaker.

The free service, which will include testing of patients, will be done through a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner, which is the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (QMRA). The QMRA was brought to the district by Mrs. Jowo Samah Weston, daughter of the district’s newly elected Representative, Dr. George Beyan Samah.

According to Mrs. Weston, the machine is one of the is 21st century’s health instruments that determines and analyzes health conditions through the signal of electromagnetic waves emitted from human body cells. It helps the practitioner to establish the cause of illness and makes the necessary recommendations to the patients. It is one of the preventive and non- invasive innovative testing methods in a rapid and accurate manner in determining sub-health conditions and diseases.

The equipment helps immediately to establish patients’ ailing conditions

“Over 37 health conditions can be analyzed by the QRMA system in 59 seconds, where the use of blood and urine samples are not required,” Mrs. Weston said.

Some of those health conditions include conditions of the heart, gastrointestinal, gallbladder, pancreatic, kidney, liver and lung functions as well as brain nerve.

Other health conditions the machine can quickly diagnose are conditions of the bones, basic physical qualities, bone mineral density, bone growth index, trace elements, basic physical, human toxin, blood sugar, prostate, male sexual function, gynecology (female), endocrine system and the immune system.

According to Mrs. Weston, the free testing service will help the locals to know about their own problems. She is a registered nurse working  in the US.

Following the end of the two-day testing service, she will provide training for medical practitioners, who will eventually take over the program to provide ‘free testing service.’

“Having scanned several people in the US, I realized that the scanner is very accurate in diagnosing every form of sickness in the human system in less than 60 seconds,” Weston said, adding that the machine is expensive, but because of the health needs of Liberians, we decided to bring one into the country.

The first testing exercise will be conducted beginning Friday, January 19, to the next day at the R.H. Ferguson Clinic in the Chicken Soup Factory.

In appreciation of his daughter’s gesture, Rep. Samah thanked his family for continuously identifying with him thereby seeking the interest of residents of the district he represents at the 54th Legislature by helping to rebuild the health system.

Anthony Kokoi is an award-winning Liberian sports journalist who has an ever-growing passion for the development of the game of football (soccer) and other sports. He has been passionately engaged in reporting the developments of the game in the country. He is a full member of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL) and the Press Union of Liberia (PUL). He is a promoter of young talents and grassroots sports. Contacts: Email Address: WhatsApp: +231886772325


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