Monrovia Breweries Workers Benefit from CBA Education


Workers of the Monrovia Club Breweries Company have benefited from a one-day educational workshop on the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) recently entered between the management and the workers union.

The workshop was held on Friday, October 24, 2019 under the theme, “Workers Empowerment through CBA Education” at the main compound of the company on Bushrod Island, outside Monrovia.

The workshop was organized by the management of the Monrovia Breweries Company, and the Liberia Industrial Workers union (LIWU). LIWU is the National Union or Bargain Agency of the workers of the Monrovia Club Breweries.

LIWU president, Mrs. Hannah M. Karbo, said the workshop aimed to empower workers and union leaders of the company with trade union knowledge and skills coordination between management and workers in the workplace.

It focuses on workers’ rights, grievance procedures and elements of labor violations in the workplace.

Mrs. Karbo said that it is also aimed at educating workers on how to curtail the different forms violation, and thereby ensure compliance and increase understanding of management policy, the CBA, as well as the Decent Work Act of Liberia.

“It is our hope that workers will be aware of their rights and the role of management in the workplace; understand what constitute labor variables, such as dismissal, absences, leaves, and redundancy,” she said.

The secretary general of the Monrovia Breweries Workers Union, Josiah S. Wilson, said that the workshop has provided workers the opportunity to understand, and go about working in line with the new CBA signed by the workers through LIWU, and the management.

Wilson said that the union and management organized the workshop as a means of helping to reduce tension in their relationship, and to promote improve relations thereby enhancing industrial peace and harmony. He praised the management policy of dialogue with the union leaders on situation at the company, which he said had helped to reduce and prevent possible workers’ actions at the company.

Earlier, the HR Administrator of the company, Stephen Scott, said: “I am pleased for training in collaboration with management, and we as management are very pleased because it is going to help both the workers and management to know our responsibilities outlined in the CBA for smooth implementation.”

Scott added that since the signing of the new CBA, there has not been any problem so far in the implementation, “because the workshop is important in that it will help to prevent any future negative situation during the implementing period.

He recalled how the Monrovia Club Breweries Company has been a model of a peaceful and stable workplace in Liberia, noting “our CBA is a model of other companies to the extent that some people have asked us to make use of it in preparing the same for them.”

Mr. Scott attributed the peaceful co-existence between the workers and management to “continuous social dialogue.”

Facilitators at the event include former Labour Assistant Minister for Labour Standards, Cllr. Jerome Kolleh; the Director of Trade Union Affairs at the Ministry of Labour, Borkai Sirleaf; and veteran trade unionist, Marcus Blamah.


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