MOL Suspends 2 Employees


The Ministry of Labor (MOL) has, with immediate effect, suspended for one month two of its employees for their alleged dishonest conduct.

The employees are Victor S. Koleh of the Division of Trade Union Affairs and Otis Wreyou of the National Bureau of Employment.

They were, on Friday, October 9, reportedly caught impersonating Labor Inspectors at a local business center in Monrovia.

This act on the part of Koleh and Wreyou, the MOL said, “is in total disregard to Labor Minister Neto Zarzar Lighe’s recent pronouncement cautioning employees who are not Labor Inspectors to desist from posing as such person (s).”

The act also violates the Civil Service Agency (CSA) Standing Orders, Chapter 4, and Section 4.2.2 (h), which prohibits dishonest conduct while performing the business of government.

Minister Lighe’s warning follows numerous complaints of harassment and intimidation of business entities, particularly those in the Monrovia area, by individuals posing as Labor Inspectors.

As a result of these complaints, the Minister had vowed to deal drastically with employees and/or individuals caught posing as Labor Inspectors outside of their assigned responsibility.

Meanwhile, the Ministry advises that all business entities should report anyone posing as Labor Inspector including employees of the Ministry.


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