MOL Demands LAC Workers Return to Work


In the wake of the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the leadership of the Workers’ Union and the management of Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC), the Government of Liberia is demanding the immediate return of workers to the concession area.

The MOL wants workers already affected by the tragedy to resume their jobs in order to support their families.

 According to a press statement from the Labour Ministry quoting Minister Neto Zarzar Lighe Sr., government is very “unhappy” about the unfortunate explosion of the factory’s boiler which resulted into facilities being damaged and injuries to several workers.

Minister Lighe further assured workers of the concession area and the Liberian population of a “comprehensive and impartial investigation” into the disaster at the plantation.  

“All other injured employees as a result of the explosion who were previously admitted for medical attention have been discharged from the hospital.

“Government strongly believes that January 26th MOU between the workers and management addresses and provides remedies to fundamental problems at the plantation and framework for enhancing industrial peace and harmony. Hence, workers and management are encouraged to remain committed to the terms and conditions of this important document,” Lighe declared.

At the same time, government feels that while it does not encourage the “unpleasant” situation that happened; “it will not submit to blackmail.”

Lighe said: “We want to state emphatically that government will not entertain any request whatsoever by workers or community members for the unconditional removal of top management.

“The Ministry believes if there are contending issues concerning the conduct of top management, workers or community members should seek appropriate channels in presenting their grievances for redress.

“Hence, the Ministry of Labour emphasizes that all workers should return to work in keeping with the terms and conditions of the MOU and any worker failing to adhere to this mandate will be found contravening the Labour practices and law of Liberia and will not be given consideration.”


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