MOJ Report Linked Land Commission to Illegal Land Sale in Louisiana


After a probe by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), the Liberia Land Authority (LAA) has been linked to an alleged illegal land sale in the Township of Louisiana, according to a report reaching the Daily Observer yesterday.

The report further claimed that the Commissioner of the Township, Solomon Miller, helped in the ‘illegal’ sale of 19 acres of land and a US$3,000 attempted bribery.

The report alleged that on May 26, 2015, a complaint under the signature of Mr. Adonis Tinnie requested the LAA to intervene and resolve a dilemma concerning a piece of land he purchased from Mr. Archie M. Worjloh and Miss Esther Williams, heirs and administrators of the late Frank N. Williams Estate in the area.

The report alleged that based upon the above complaint, a team of investigators from the LAA visited the area and ‘conducted spot’ checking and later, along with a series of mediation (June 23, 2015, September 9, 2015, October 16, 2015 and March 12, 2016), ‘finally led to an investigative survey.’

The report further claimed that Esther M. Williams and Archie M. Worjloh presented their mother deed from Frank N. Williams “containing  thirty-six point six (36.6) acres of land as probated on the 19th day of January 2015 and registered according to law in Volume: 01: 015, pages 233713.”

While the mother deed – a certified copy of the warranty from William R. Davis to Frank N. Williams as recorded in volume 25 pages 19, 21 and re-registered in volume 41-97, pages 52-53 due to mutilation of the original deed, contained thirty acres of land situated in the settlement of Louisiana, Montserrado County, the report noted.

It also claimed that the deeds presented during mediation carried the names of Marima B. Jalloh, Omou Barry, Fatumata L. Barrie and Mohammed L. Jalloh, instead of Assistu Kaide who (Grantor: Boye Dennis and Michael Neufville) conveyed to them.

They (Boye Dennis and Michael Neufville) presented as their mother deed a certified copy of a warranty deed from Joseph James Cheeseman to George C. Dennis, as recorded in volume 32 page 202 in the year 1893, containing nineteen (19) acres of land and no more, the record alleged.

“Also presented was a letter of Administration in favor of Boye Dennis and Michael Neufville dated on the 5th day of November 2010,” the report indicated.

It also claimed that during the review of the grantor of Assistu Kaide and Mohammed L. Jalloh deeds, the deed: Joseph James Cheeseman to George C. Dennis, as recorded in volume: 32 page 202 of the records of Montserrado County filed in the Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“George C. Dennis deed Commences at and ends with his own point (George C. Dennis), when in fact, he cannot show any other deeded land of his own or next to his commencing point,” the report said.

“Calculation of 1003.2ft by 875 ft. as embedded in the Dennis deed aggregates to 20.15 acres and not 19 acres as contained in the Dennis deed,” the report further said, adding,” No adjacent party recognized Boye Dennis to be their adjacent party or shared common boundaries.”

The report also claimed that “The deed from Joseph James Cheeseman to George C. Dennis at the end of our authentication research did not produce any evidence of the existence of the above Warranty Deed.

Therefore, the Letter of Non-Discovery was issued by the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA).”

It was also observed that while Mr. Joseph James Cheeseman was the sitting 10th President of the Republic of Liberia, he allegedly issued a warranty deed to George C. Dennis instead of a Public Land Sale Deed, meaning the land was his own private land.

“The investigating team is yet to see the grantor to President Joseph James Cheeseman, if not the Republic of Liberia.”

“The available information presented an investigation conducted by the investigating team, the team concluded that the Frank M. Williams’ deed established title and ownership of the property and that the dispute is solely encroachment,” the report noted, adding, “We, therefore, recommend that the heirs of the late Frank M. Williams be placed in possession of their lawful property.”

The report further recommended that Boye Dennis must be held liable for the criminal conveyance of land and counterfeiting of state document along with his collaborators.


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