MoJ Rejects 20 ‘New Employees’ Previously Hired by Deputy Minister

Nearly 30 names are said to have appeared on the employment listing through the influence of Madam Juah N. Cassell, Deputy Justice Minister for Administration.

-Says their employment did not meet Minister Dean’s approval

Nearly thirty “new people,” whose names appeared on the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Central Allowance Payroll without the knowledge of Minister Frank Musa Dean, have been rejected by authorities Civil Service Agency (CSA).

Their names were said to have appeared on the listing through the influence of Madam Juah Cassell, Deputy Justice Minister for Administration.

The new employees were rejected on August 29, 2018, based on the approval of Justice Minister Dean.

Some of those who were affected by the CSA’s action include Minister Cassell’s brother and special assistant, Shadrick B Cassell, Jr., who, prior to his rejection, served in the office of Representative Hans Barchue of Grand Bassa County Electoral District #1.

The rejection letter from the Civil Service Agency

According to the ministry’s Internal Audit Division’s (IAD) report, a copy obtained by the Daily Observer, Mr. Cassell, prior to his preferment by his sister as special assistant, was still receiving his salary as an employee of the House of Representative.

Other affected employees are being identified as Edmund G. Mamston, comptroller general, Samuel Doe, director of Public Safety, and Inspector Koffa Doe at the Public Safety Department.

The letter of rejection, dated on August 29, 2018, a copy of which is also in the possession of the Daily Observer, said: “You are not considered an employee as the CSA Standing orders provide that all matters relating to employment and personal action notice, suspension, dismissal and the allocation of general allowances to employees must be approved and/or attested by the head of the MoJ, which was not in the case of yours.”

It can be recalled that media reports have been rife about CDC Chairman Mulbah sending lists of individuals to government ministries and agencies demanding that they be hired and placed on payroll of the respective agencies. Some agencies are said to have complied while some have failed to comply. Meanwhile observers say President Weah’s failure so far to deal with Morlu’s unwarranted  and unlawful interventions can be attributed to his inability to deliver on promises of jobs he made to his partisans, much to the dismay and disappointment of thousands of unemployed CDC partisans.


  1. Indeed, near-mass unemployment of employable young adults drives pervasive poverty – including crimes, anger, political discontent – which then Justice Minister Benedict Sarnoh correctly identified as the greatest threat to national security. That threat still exists, so finding jobs for tens of thousands of suffering guys should be prioritized, not passed around like a basketball.

    It would require heads of Ministries, Agencies, State Coporations and the Chamber of Commerce sitting down to seriously dialogue on ways and means of handling a potentially explosive situation. Needless to say, ambushing few willing or reluctant bosses with list of job-seekers won’t address urgency and gravity of the problem.

  2. This is not a new development. This has been going since the CDC led government took over. Government has become a social welfare institution. Nepotism is all over this country. Individuals hired their closest relatives so as to make it easier to perpetuate their corrupt activities. Why your brother cannot remain at his current position? Government is not an elephant meat for everybody to have a share or portion of it.


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