MOJ Probes Sheriff Williams for Missing US$33K Check


Barely a day after GN Bank, previously First Bank International (FIB), produced evidence establishing that Major Helena Williams, Chief Sheriff at the National Labor Court, cashed a US$33K check, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has begun investigating the matter, the Daily Observer has reliably learnt.

Sheriff Williams is an employee of the Ministry of Justice assigned at the court.

The US$33K check was intended as the final payment on an amount of US$240K owed former Baptist Theology Seminary President Dr. Lincoln Brownell.

The seminary was shut down by Judge Comfort Natt who was under the impression that the seminary had failed to settle its debt to Dr. Brownell as prescribed by the court whereas the US$33K payment, according to evidence from GN Bank, was received and signed for by the Sheriff of the court, Major Helena Williams.

The source further informed this paper that Sheriff Williams allegedly denied any knowledge of the encashment of the check during her investigation and reportedly argued that her signature was forged by the bank.

Although Sheriff Williams denied the allegation, documents in possession of this paper reveal the ID card used by her to encash check #000486814 dated February 13, 2014.

It remains unclear whether or not Judge Natt had any idea about her sheriff’s involvement and subsequent denial in the matter. Judge Natt still maintains Williams as the court’s Chief Sheriff.

Despite Williams continued denial, the bank remains supportive through their communication with the court.

A copy of the bank’s communication, under the reference “Confirmation of Check Paid Ricks Institute Operational Account,” is with the Daily Observer.

Dated June 15, 2016, the letter reads, “This letter along with the attached bank statement and cancelled check are being submitted as confirmation of the February 14, 2014, encashment of the check number#000486814 on Ricks Institute’s Operational Account number 05, 112, 050297-01 with First International Bank (Liberia) (FIB) issued to Helena N. Williams in the amount of US$33,000.”

It continued, “The check in question was cashed by Ms. Williams at the bank’s Main Branch on Broad Street, Monrovia, Liberia” and concluded by saying, “We trust that this information adequately serves the purpose intended.”

Justice in Chamber Associate Justice Jamesetta Wolokollie was thus compelled to mandate Judge Comfort S. Natt of the National Labor Court to immediately reopen the seminary which the judge had shut down for over two days.

Justice Wolokollie’s action was based on evidence from GN Bank that the US$33K was received and signed for by Major Williams.

The Sheriff’s role in the matter is being investigated, with her suspension as one of the possible outcomes.


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