MOJ Links Defendant to US4M Land Sale


    Former Legal Counsel and Supervisor of the Joint Security Special and Technical Team (JSSTT) at the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) directly linked Arah Kamara to the ‘sale’ of several portion of the interstate estate of the late Elizabeth Moore Johnson.

     Kamara is a former chief training officer at the department of Surveys and Cartography at the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME).

    He was also the chief surveyor of the estate before the 1990 civil war.

    Defendant Kamara is facing US$4Million theft of property case at Criminal Court ‘C’; it is alleged that he ‘sold’ several acres of the estate belonging to the late Elizabeth Moore Johnson.

    Kamara admitted that he was one of the surveyors of Moore Johnson’s, but denied selling portions of her estate.

    Instead the lands he acquired were given to him as “compensation” for survey he conducted on behalf of the family.

    But, testifying as prosecution’s fourth witness, Cllr. Robert Lee Chatteh alleged that during his investigation, it was established that the family had entrusted all of the deeds, maps, diagrams and other relevant documents of the estate’s 500 acres of lands to defendant Kamara.

    He was quick to point-out that he submitted four pages recommended to Eugene Shannon then Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME) to suspend Kamara following the determination of the case.

    “It was based upon my recommendation that he was suspended and subsequently dismissed by the Ministry,” Witness Chatteh further alleged.

    The former Legal Counsel of JSSTT, however alleged, “We found out that Kamara willfully ‘sold’ 21 lots belonging to the late Esther Moore Johnson’s estate.

    “We established that Kamara ‘sold’ several pieces of land and portions of them were occupied by some of his family members; such was true about his wife, Eva Kamara,” Witness Chatteh claimed.

    “One lot was given to his supposed aunty, while two lots along the Organization of African Unity (OAU) Boulevard in Brewerville outside Monrovia were reflected as Arah Kamara’s on the map.

    Four (4) lots on the map had been given to Eva Kamara, the defendant’s wife, and three (3) lots assigned to his brother-in- law,” the prosecution witness said.

    According to him, “we invited the defendant to produce his deeds and all relevant documents that supposedly gave him legitimate control over the lands in question. That, is something he failed to do.”


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