MOJ Initiates Pilot Access to Justice Program


The Ministry of Justice has initiated a three-year access to justice program. The program, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), is been supported by the World Bank.

The program according to authorities at the MOJ, is designed to institutionalize, formalize and main stream ADR in the Liberian Justice System. A Desk review and a Scoping Study conducted by the MOJ/ADR international consultant, indicates that ADR is one available way to enhance access to justice in Liberia and resolve conflicts in a speedy and transparent way.

The Ministry said findings gathered from the research point to a number of conflicts in Liberia that discussants and interviewees want to see resolved through ADR mechanisms; family disputes, concessions and community dwellers, land conflicts, Juveniles, among others.

The MOJ further stated it has conducted several stakeholders’ meetings and forums as well as made presentations of the ADR program scoping study report to key actors and groups in the justice sector in Montserrado, Nimba, Bong and Lofa Counties.

“The MOJ/ADR program is currently carrying out massive outreach activities and key stakeholders engagements with the Judiciary, Committee on Judiciary at the National Legislature, Land Commission, Liberia National Bar Association, Ministry of Internal Affairs and others,” the MOJ said in a statement.

The outreach and stakeholders’ engagement is part of a process leading to the holding of a Design shop where the legal and procedural framework for implementation of the pilot will be developed.  

The MOJ/ ADR program is expected to set up pilot sites in Montserrado, Nimba, Bong and Lofa Counties.

The Ministry of Justice has meanwhile called on the three branches of the Liberian Government to enhance access to justice for ordinary citizens. “This is critical to the sustenance of peace & security, as well as, the maturity of Liberia’s young democracy now and into the future.”


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