MOH Launches ‘Passport COVID-19’


-To determine people’s status (positive, negative, cured, among others)

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched a digital platform known as “Passport COVID-19” in order to track down people’s status, be it positive, negative or cured.

A recent press release from the Ministry of Health has it that the Ministry has employed the already tested and proven digital platform in order to help effectively strengthen the fight against the deadly coronavirus that has already claimed over 605,000 lives globally with Liberia accounting for 70 out of 1,091 confirmed cases. 

According to the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL), 534 persons are infected with COVID-19 while 487 cases remain active in the country as of yesterday (Sunday, July 19, 2020).
According to the release from MoH, ‘Passport COVID-19’ will be applied through the use of GSM companies’ signals in order to determine whether an individual is COVID-19 positive, negative, or cured.

Also, the release added that people who have already done their COVID-19 test but are yet to get their results from the testing centers will also register on “Passport COVID-19” as “Pending Result or expired test.”

The MOH director of press, Felecia Gbesioh, stated that the platform can be accessed on all categories of telephones and can be integrated with all mobile operators.

“The application does not record the movement of a phone and, as such, the privacy of its user is guaranteed,” Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Minister of Health, said in the release.

Dr. Jallah has called on all residents in the country, citizens or not, to take advantage of the platform in order to get their COVID-19 test results promptly done.

“We are adopting this new exercise in order to allow people to access their own information when it is released,” Dr. Jallah said.

She encouraged users of the platform to dial *303# in their phones in order to follow their COVID-19 test results without any physical contact with anyone, including health workers.

“Now, the Liberian population can access the USSD code by dialing *303# and benefit from the services offered by the application. This will help us curb the spread of COVID-19,” she admonished.

Dr. Jallah expressed thanks to partners, including Zero Poor Africa, MTN, Orange, and Healthcare Federation of Liberia for their immense contributions towards the success of the project.
Banki Technology SAS also contributed to the building up of the digital platform.

In remarks, as mentioned in the press release, Mamadou Bah, chief executive officer (CEO) of Banki Technology SAS, said the new technology can detect automatic notification of suspected cases, and trace people checked at the dams: Meaning, people who want to bypass the system.”

The digital innovation given to MoH by Banki Technology SAS, a Guinean IT company, is expected to help the country go a long way in not only conducting COVID-19 tests but also help eliminate the risk of falsification of tests results or travel documents as well as help to enforce control at borders.
According to the release, the “COVID-19 Passport” will also help in screening at health centers and provide credible statistics.

John Hopkins University has put the cases of COVID-19 as 14,465,612 confirmed cases with 605,813 deaths while recovery stands at 8,649,116 globally.

The United States of America is the hardest-hit country currently on the planet with 3,835,430 confirmed cases, of which 142,883 people have died as of Sunday, July 19, 2020, and 1,775,491 recoveries. There are nearly 2 million active COVID-19 cases in the United States as the country heads to its presidential election in November this year.

Brazil, although newly hit by COVID-19, has now topped Great Britain, Spain, and Italy, countries that previously held the record of having more/most COVID-19 cases with deaths inclusive.

Brazil now has nearly 80,000 deaths out of 2,075,246 confirmed cases. The number of recovery cases for Brazil stands at 1,336,775.


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