MoE Threatens ‘Bogus’ Tertiary Institutions

Min. Sonii: "Our authority will not allow the existence of substandard or fake degree granting institutions here."

Authorities of the Ministry of Education (MoE) has informed the public about the operations of some bogus universities and colleges in the country.

Education Minister Ansu Sonii told a news conference on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, that those “fake institutions” commenced operations recently without accreditation from the Commission on Higher Education, which he chairs.

In relation to that, Sonii said while President George Weah is yet to constitute authority of the National Commission on Higher Education, no one should be fooled to operate any kind of learning institutions in the absence of that to confused the public.

He said as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Commission of Higher Education, he was therefore warning individuals, who are running those “fake institutions,” to immediately close  them or the ministry will lawfully reprimand its administration for impersonating as duly registered and accredited establishments.

Minister Sonii therefore cautioned members of the public not to enroll in schools that are not accredited by authorities of the National Commission on Higher Education because, according to him, their degrees will be revoked and term as illegitimate.

Sonii also assured that no single individual will be granted permit to establish institutions of higher learning without meeting the proper requirements in academia.

He said the granting of license to individuals or institutions wanting to operate learning establishments of higher standards will now be supervised by a team comprising of esteemed academicians, who will access the proposed school facility.

Minister Sonii also warned institutions that are being granted permit to offer Associate Degrees to desist from elevating their schools to Bachelor level, because doing so was unlawful, thereby opening the floodgate to establishing fake degree granting institutions.

He also used Tuesday’s press conference to announce the suspension of permit for anyone to operate new schools across the country, and asked colleges and universities whose permits have expired to immediately renew them.

Minister Sonii also cautioned educators to remain law-abiding and transparent in their quest to provide quality education at all levels.

He also lauded principals and operators of schools for abiding by the ministry’s instruction not to graduate their students prior to the outcome of this year’s West African Examination Council administered WASSEC’s exam.

“All of the schools have respected our mandate not to graduate students without the test result being released. I am proud of you. We should live by example,” the Minister told school administrators.

He said that the result for the WASSEC will be released on Thursday, July 5,  and said no student will graduate on the night of the date MoE set for graduation exercises.

Minister Sonii also explained that next academic school year will commence on September 3, and warned that no school should open before or after that date.

He however noted that schools wanting to open before that date will have to do a communication to that effect to the MoE.


  1. What a surprise…our “fece” government schools are NOT “fake institutions”??? What’s wrong with Prof. Senile Sonii (Education Minister)?? Most of our government schools, under the Ministry of Education supervision, are poorly run!! and these poorly-run government schools have contributed to low test scores on WAEC exams and have helped established a set of values alien to high moral standards, hard work and achievement.

    Our government school teachers and administrators are incompetent and immoral. They take bribes and have sex with their students in exchange good grades! Because of that (grade inflation), a typical government school 12th grader reads, writes, and computes at a 8th grade level.

    But yet Prof. Senile Sonii doesn’t think they’re bogus (fake)..


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