MoE Signs Contract with LEAP to Provide Education Existences

Abraham Dagher, LEAP Coordinator

Authorities of the Ministry of Education (MoE), on August 22, 2018, signed a contract with the Liberian Education Advancement Program (LEAP), to provide existence in improving the education system.

LEAP is a pilot program run by the MoE and selected non-state school operators.  The mission of the program is to provide every child, regardless of family background or income, access to high-quality education. The program is working collaboratively with successful operators to create great schools that are hubs of innovation and educational excellence – with the ultimate aim of rolling out what works across the wider system.

LEAP Coordinator Abraham Dagher said based on the gap in the education system MoE signed the contract, to ensure that service providers manage 94 schools across Liberia as a pilot to find out what they can bring to improve the system.

Dagher said the pilot has different ways to examine those various institutions they are operating in, adding that MoE will hold them accountable for improving learning in those various schools.

He said MoE cannot improve the system alone; they need to allow other service providers to help enhance the process.

Dagher said the program covers 198 schools across the 15 sub-political division of the country, which includes BRAC-Liberia, Bridge International Academies, More Than Me, Omega Schools, Rising Academies and Youth Movement for Collective Action.

He said the program will focus on strengthening public schools and later move on to private schools.

Dagher said the program is intended to run for the next three years in collaboration with CSOs (Civil Society Organizations), PTA and teachers.

LEAP schools are regularly monitored by the Ministry of Education, and its data and assessment provide an ongoing picture of what is happening in the schools. LEAP draws on the best evidence around the world in similar programs.



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