MOE Moves to New Offices


After leaving the original offices on Broad Street early this year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) officially dedicated its newly acquired privately-owned rented offices Wednesday, July 9, on 3rd Street, Sinkor in Monrovia.

Like the former Broad Street three-storey layers, the Ministry’s Sinkor edifice is being rented to the MOE for US$130,000 annually.

“We moved here because the Broad street office was not conducive to host any ministry be it Education or other ministries, being located in the commercial hub of the city,” Minister Etmonia David Tarpeh, has said.

Wednesday’s dedication ceremony was attended by high profile individuals including World Bank Country Director, Inguna Debraja, Chairman of Senate’s Committee on Education at the National Legislature, Dellas Guah, among others.

In her welcome remark, Minister Tarpeh informed the audience that the new location is an improved environment where the “MOE can perform to the best of its ability.

This move, MOE statement said, marks not only a new location, but also the official launch of the organizational reforms that have been undertaken and supported by the United States Agency International Development via Liberia Teacher Training Program (USAID/LTTP) in partnership with the Government of Liberia (GOL).

USAID/LTTP is one of the largest USAID funded teacher training initiatives in Africa; it is working with key governmental stakeholder and partners to train teachers, build the capacity and establish systems at the MOE in Liberia.

Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., along with the US Ambassador Deborah Malac and other officials unveiled the refurbished ‘multi-purpose conference room,’ reference library, a training room and IT and data management center, all equipped with the ‘latest technology.’

Earlier, Minister Tarpeh led VP Boakai and other guest to tour the new facilities before an indoor ceremony commemorating the dedication.

The Students of the J.W. Pearson Elementary School showcased their talents during the course of the program.

“The MOE appreciate the support of all key stakeholders in ensuring that quality service delivery becomes the hallmark of our education system. We extend our gratitude to partners and donors; as a result of these improvements in technology and organizational reform we can continue our collective efforts to ensure that Liberian students and teachers are provided with an education system that they can all be proud of,” Minister Tarpeh added.

Accordingly, USAID continues to support the MOE’s vision and see it leapfrog into the 21st Century with the installation of state-of-the-art technology such as a biometric identification card system which provides professional development and attendance tracking of all staff at the Central Ministry.

This, the Minister said, “will transform accountability and ensure the MOE is leading the way in creating a fairer, more equitable professional public service in keeping with the government’s vision.

MOE’s vision is to promote equal access to educational opportunities for all Liberians without difficulties of any kind.

World Bank Representative, Inguna Debraja, on behalf of the Global Partnership for Education expressed gratitude for the dedication of the new facilities.
For Ambassador Malac, she believes that yesterday’s ceremony marks a new dawn for the MOE family as they undergo “significant structural reform and the US Government is proud to be supporting the GOL during this important time.”

Bringing about organizational change has required sustained efforts by staff at all levels of the MOE. USAID is at the same time, supporting these efforts by investing in human capacity development establishing sustainable ICT infrastructure, and creating a new human resource management system for all levels of the Ministry, which includes organizational charts, functional charts, job descriptions and an employee appraisal system.

All of these advances, the MOE believes, are critical in facilitating payroll reform.

The U.S. government, as the largest donor and closest ally to the GOL, is supporting Liberian priorities to build sustainable local capacity, make a difference in people’s lives, and move toward a shared vision of self-sufficiency and prosperity.


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