MOE Launches “Teaching By Radio” Program

MoE Ministers who attended the event also stood far apart in observance of social distance as prescribed by the Ministry of Health

As academic activities and other activities involving large gatherings are suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has in response launched an emergency educational program called Teaching By Radio” to ensure that students remain academically engaged with their lessons during the current health crisis.

The program will also give students basic knowledge of the Coronavirus and its preventive measures.

The Minister of Education, D. Ansu Sonii, who served as the official launcher of the program, said while it is true that schools are suspended, the Ministry thought it prudent to keep students busy. Therefore, according to him, the initiative should be welcomed and supported by parents or guardians by making sure that students listen to the radio program.

Minister Sonii said in these times when life is threatened, everything associated with life is subjected because of the uncertainty of things surrounding all.

“We must abide by the health protocols and remain engaged with this deadly virus because if we are defeated, Liberia is defeated,” he said.

Giving the overview of the program, Assistant Minister for Basic and Secondary Education, Felecia Doe-Sumah, added that the “Teaching By Radio” program is meant to help students refresh their minds on academic matters.

“We will have all of the major radio stations in Monrovia as well as community radio stations across the country to broadcast the program. We want to encourage all parents and students to listen to schedules that will begin as of Monday, March 30th on the respective radio stations,” said Mrs. Doe-Sumah.

Minister Sumah also said the radio program will focus on early childhood and secondary education, something she said will ensure that no child is left behind.

“We shall also have programs for the parents and teachers as well,” she added.

She, however, clarified that some subjects like Physics will not be inclusive of the program.

“From our teaching backgrounds, we were able to select those subjects that can easily be done on the radio,” she said.

Moreover, the Minister stated that there will be a couple of messages about COVID-19 so that students will understand more about its preventive measures.

Commenting on the administering of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) Minister Sumah disclosed that students who are sitting WASSCE this year are going to have Language Arts, and Mathematics lessons taught on the program.

According to her, lessons will be repeated on various radio stations across the country, adding that all of the lessons will not be given at the same time,  and so in the event, a student misses a lesson, he/she can have the opportunity to listen to another station at another time.

These lessons according to her were prepared by teachers in line with the prescribed curriculum by the Ministry.

“There will be special numbers available to students for inquiries. The program will be inclusive where teachers who are knowledgeable in sign language will help to interpret to the deaf and dumb,” she said.


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