MOE Celebrates 98thNat’l Decoration Day


The Ministry of Education and students across Montserrado County Wednesday, March 12, celebrated the nation’s 98th National Decoration Day. The day focused on honoring the dead, especially those who made meaningful contributions to the nation.

The program for the occasion was held at the Providence Baptist Church, followed by a parade to the final resting places of prominent citizens of the country.

The nation’s longest serving President, William V.S. Tubman, received the first wreath from the collection, with the Minister of Education, Mrs. Etmonia D. Tarpeh doing the honors.

In depositing a wreath on a grave on the lawn of the Square, on Ashmun Street—a grave that is William V.S. Tubman’s—Minister Etmonia D. Tarpeh said prayerfully: “We have come to honor our dead today; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the blessed Holy Spirit.”

President Tubman’s grave adorns the lawn that abuts the Pioneers’ Memorial Square and the Providence Baptist Church at Broad and Ashmun Streets

The laying of wreaths continued at the Pioneers Center on Ashmun Street with the Deputy Minister for Administration, Ramses Kumbuyan, stating: “Father, we have come to say thank for our dead ones that their soul will remain with you forever and ever.”

The parade continued to the William R. Tolbert grave site at the Palm Grove Cemetery (Center Street Grave Yard), where Rev. Weabah Piah laid a wreath on the former president’s grave.  “We come to say thanks to the Almighty God for our loved ones that will be with Him forever.”

Deputy Minister for Administration, Ramses Kumbuyan, continued at the grave of the first President of Liberia, Joseph Jenkins Robert. After receiving the wreath intended for depositing, he said the following: “Father, we have come to say thank for our dead ones and pray that their souls remain with you forever and ever.”

The parade and the laying of wreaths proceeded to Camp Johnson Road to President Daniel B. Warner’s grave-site. There, Assistant Minister of Students for Personnel Services at the Ministry of Education, T. Wilson Gaye, said: “I lay down this wreath in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the blessed Holy Spirit.”

The Deputy Minister for Instruction, Hawa Goll-Kotchi in remarks said the day was in recognition of the heroes and heroines that had passed away. She expressed gratitude to the Pastor for motivating the student body to join in the celebrations.

Meanwhile, the senior pastor of the Providence Baptist Church, Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr., called on the young people to always honor their parents, “do not take your parents lightly, but regard them as adult by respecting all older people.”

He explained that if you don’t respect them, you might not live long. “This nation will perish if you (youths) are not trained to honor their parents.

“I want you to spend your time reading, and not focusing on things that will not benefit you, the nation or your family. If you want to live a short life, disrespect your parents and older people as well; then you will know.”


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