SURIDO Completes Japanese WASH Projects In Bong County

Some of the completed Japanese WASH projects by SURIDO.

With funding from the Japanese government, the Sustainable Urban and Rural Integrated Development Organization (SURIDO), has completed several modern WASH facilities project in Bong County to be used by school-going children and administrators of four Primary and Secondary institutions in the county.

They includes modern latrines, Hand-washing pumps and borehole hand-pumps were presented to four institutions to include Life Water Foundation Elementary and Junior High School, Harry Hill, around the Phebe Hospital, Suakoko District, G.W. Gibson Elementary, Junior and Senior High School in Sinyea, Suakoko District, Bethel Institute, Cotton-Tree Community, Gbarnga City and the Philadelphia Elementary and Junior High School also in Gbarnga, City, Bong County.

Speaking when he presented to the Japanese government through its Project Manager at the Embassy with Residence in Accra, Ghana, Miss Ueno Hidemi expressed delight that the funding provided by the government of Japan intended to buttress the Liberian government‘s effort to ensure dignity for school-going kids and their teachers was expended for the intended purpose.

According to the project Manager at the Japanese Embassy, the local NGO, SURIDO, has proven to be a credible institution in Liberia based on its excellent performance to successfully implement the WASH projects and turned over to be used by beneficiaries especially during this critical time of the Corona virus pandemic around the World.

“I am very impressed about the implementation of the projects by SURIDO and I hope you as beneficiaries will manage them very well so as to serve the intended purpose for which these facilities were constructed”, Miss Hidemi told the gathering of jubilant young students and instructors in Suakoko District as she toured the well- decorated facilities.

Miss Ueno Hidemi, who is a current member of Ambassador HIMENO Tsutomu’s high level Delegation to Liberia said the projects being  implemented by SURIDO are among several projects  around the Country being funded by the Government and People of Japan through its Embassy accredited to Liberia, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

She told the gathering that even-though she had not requested to dedicate the completed projects by SURIDO, she will work with the office of Ambassador HIMENO Tsutomu to ensure that she Madam Ueno Hidemi officially dedicates the completed projects during his next visit to Liberia adding, “SURIDO has made my work very easy and simple as project Manager of the Japanese Embassy based on the effectiveness of the Organization to respond to the needs of Donor partners.”

Madam Hidemi is quoted as saying that “although I’m not the official spokesperson of the Japanese Embassy in Liberia but with the level of dedicated projects implementation by SURIDO, I will relay the information to the Ambassador and I can assure you that I will bring him here to officially dedicate these wonderful projects by our implementing partner SURIDO during his next visit to the Country.”

SURIDO Executive Director Paul C. Jaiblai, in his remarked described integrity, commitment, dedication and hard work as key hallmarks of his institution since its establishment   in 2013.

According to him, SURIDO has never gone out of projects since its formation as a result of the seriousness and importance it attached to its works across the Country.

Jaiblai said Liberians are smart people who can perform excellently as compared to individuals or professionals of other Countries but noted that they have been down-played in their owned society.

The Executive Director of SURIDO is a former employee of OXFAM-GB, who has worked both as national and international staff said the knowledge acquired while working in other Countries will be used to improve the livelihoods of residents and citizens of our local communities.

Jaiblai said following the tour of the facilities by the Japanese Embassy Project Manager that the commendations and praises given him by the Japanese Embassy should go towards the dedicated officials of SURIDO, who according to him, has worked sleepless days and nights to ensure that projects being implemented are in accordance with the terms and agreements signed with the various partners of the organization.

Mr. Jaiblai told reporters in Gbarnga City, Bong County on Thursday, March 4, 2021 during the touring of the completed  projects that SURIDO with its  committed and dedicated Professionals should be given the opportunities to serve their Country in various capacities in the private sector.

He further urged other local NGOs to do away with misappropriating and misapplying donors’ funding for selfish interest, as doing so will hinder others from acquiring grants from International partners to implement projects on their behalf.

Jaiblai added that local implementing Partners or NGOs must first be  accountable to themselves, the Organization as well as the Partner that is providing the funding.


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