MoCI Launches LIB Business Hub

(From left) Minister Tarpeh along with Acting Information Minister, Daniel C. Gayedyu and Mrs. Mai Urey at the Launch of LIB Business Hub, held at the Commerce Ministry

Authorities at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) with support from Swedish National Board of Trade (NBT) and the World Bank Group (WBG) has launched the LIB Business Hub/service sector website, which will provide an e-government solution to the business community and the general public.

At the launch of the program on Friday, held at the ministry, Minister Wilson Tarpeh said the LIB Business Hub will help to provide information on the rules, regulations and procedure applicable to develop a business in the Liberian services sector.

The LIB Business hub, which is mainly managed by the ministry, aims to make it easier for people to do business in the country.

According to Minister Tarpeh, the LIB Business Hub/service sector website will serve as a gateway for business institutions and the general public to access essential information about the day-to-day activities of the ministry as it relates to Liberian commerce and information sectors as well as other ministries and agencies.

The website will provide an e-governance solution that will increase transparency, which is essential for businesses, because it will offer one-stop shop that is intended to make it easier for anyone who wants to do business in Liberia; provide the central information one will need for starting, growing and closing down a business, including information on business registration, licensing and paying taxes, and provide concrete information about government institutions to the general public.

It will be updated on a periodic basis by a committee that will be represented by sector ministries and agencies to increase transparency as it is very important for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to grow since they do not have the time or resources to spend on searching for information.

Mai Urey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Wulki Farms and the U-foundation, expressed gratitude about the ministry’s new program, which she said will be the face of the country.

“We can now say that the Commerce Ministry is trying to make things easier for the business people and those wanting to do business in the country,” Mrs. Urey said.

She lauded the Swedish Government and the World Bank (WB) for supporting such programs for business people and those intending to do business in Liberia.

“I know that investors will use such information to come to Liberia. I therefore call on investors to make maximum use of the platform the ministry provided, because it intends to stop someone from robbing them,” Mrs. Urey said.

The launch of the LIB Business Hub was attended by Acting Information Minister Daniel C. Gayedyu, representatives from the business community and other ministries and agencies.

Gayedyu lauded the ministry for the exercise, describing it as one of the “best programs for Liberian businesses and investors, especially those outside the country and their counterparts in the leeward counties.”

“This is a breakthrough for doing business in our country, because it will also prevent businesses and investors from being exploited. It is also convenient and allows our people to sit in their various offices and register their businesses online,” Minister Gayedyu said.

Minister Tarpeh and other officials at Friday’s launch in Monrovia.


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