MOCI Commences Vigorous Inspection

Minister Tarpeh: "Fronting has over the years undermined the essence of Liberianization policy."

Calls on Business community to cooperate with inspectors

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) will commence its regular quarterly inspections of all business establishments on Tuesday, May 15 and end  on June 15, 2018.

Mitchell Jones, Director for Public Affairs, said the objectives of the inspection exercise are to provide protection for consumers and ensure continuous compliance with applicable laws, procedures and standards.

Director Jones said the inspectors will conduct field inspection from Monday to Thursday beginning at 9a.m to 4p.m only.

“There will be no inspection on Fridays and weekends. The four-week intensive inspection will be guidelines with focus on cardinal areas,” Director Jones said.

He said inspectors will focus on Business Registration Enforcement, General Commodity Standard Inspection, Market Surveillance and Price Monitoring, Liquor Regulation Enforcement, General Market Standard Training, Investment Code Enforcement and Price Tag Enforcement.

Director Jones said the Meterology Division at the National Standards Laboratory will be carrying out the Bureau of Industrial Services Quarterly verification exercises scale on weights and measures at all establishments where relevant, including supermarkets, butchery shops and filling stations among others.

Director Jones further said, “This process is being carried out to ensure that consumers receive the required quantity of petroleum products and other consumables.

He however, called on the business community to give full compliance to inspectors who will be out enforcing or implementing the inspection regulations.

According to him, the leadership of the Ministry has instructed inspectors and all concerned departments to ensure that the process is extended throughout the rural areas or parts of the country to guarantee good health and safety for all Liberians.

He added that the Ministry remains committed towards creating a vibrant and reliable commercial atmosphere in Liberia.


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