MOCI Alerts Rice Importers on “Plastic Rice”


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) says it has informed all rice importers in the country to adhere to standards in the importation of quality rice to the country.

According to a release from the ministry, some media institutions have reported the alleged sale of “plastic rice” in Liberia.

While the ministry said it can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such rice on the continent or elsewhere, it assures the public of its determination to execute its statutory mandate in protecting consumers.

The ministry indicated that Liberia imports most of its rice from India, Thailand and the United States, but that it has nonetheless put in place additional measures to identify and detect any such threat to the public.

“Amid allegation of the sale of plastic rice within the commerce, the National Standards Laboratory tested the Butter Brand White Rice on Tuesday, 4 July 2017,” a press release said.

“The test results showed an organic sample that has the characteristic of normal rice,” the release said.

As part of the process of acquiring rice approval, the National Standards Laboratory performs a periodic sampling and testing of rice to ensure that the quality requirement is met, the ministry said.

Minister of Commerce and Industry Axel M. Addy: “We have put in additional measures to identify and detect plastic rice on the Liberian market.”

“All commerce inspectors and LRA Custom Officers have duly been informed to alert the authorities of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as well as other relevant authorities about sub-standard rice being imported by land, sea, or air,” the MOCI said.

The ministry added, “We will also appreciate any information regarding said rice on the Liberian market, which may have been smuggled into the country.”

According to the ministry, since the revelation of this information on social media and other platforms, there have been attempts to provide clarity from various trading partners.

“Please call the hotlines below to report any issue regarding plastic rice: Lonestar 9911; Orange 6624; and Novafone 991,” the release said.


  1. According to Liberians sources; “Butter Brand” rice has certain characteristics that need to be close Observered. It seems the “Butter Brand” has some sort of addictive(s), that cause it to behave the way it does. People familiar with the rice, claim the rice swells abnormally; when compared to other brands of rice. Random samples of “Butter Brand Rice” need to be send to an Independent Lab.; for testing. There ought to be a CHEMICAL ANALYSIS to figure out why, “BUTTER RICE” behaves as it does. Remember! “Butter Rice” targets low income people. Something to think about…

  2. The relevant agencies responsible for the protection of the masses should do their best to making sure that the laymen in Liberia is protected especially when it comes to the issue of RICE.
    Liberians have been through a lot of mayhems and should not and never be taken for fun.
    The civil wars, the recent Ebola invasion etc. Liberia’s health sector should be carefully monitored and excused freed.
    The masses have been the one buying the cheapest commodities on the market. By the matter of fact there is nothing that is cheap because what is known as cheap brings the greatest sickness and problems.
    I therefore, plead with all whom God had put in authority to see how well the best and nothing but the best can be imported into mama Liberia until we(Liberians) can get to the place of totally investing into our agricultural system.
    May God never leave Liberia to herself in Jesus name.


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