Mob Assault Leaves Man Helpless at ELWA Junction

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A man identified as Moses Cooper of Parker Paint Community in Paynesville, was on Monday morning assaulted by a mob who claimed he was a rogue in the Boulevard Community.

Mr. Cooper, who told the Daily Observer he is a shoe seller, had deep cuts on his body, his angles, and wrists, as he lay in front of a security booth at the ELWA Junction yesterday morning.

He said in his barely audible voice that his ordeal occurred around 4 a.m. yesterday while walking from the Boulevard Community to get to the ELWA Junction.

He denied being a criminal, adding, “I was just walking on the road when the people came and attacked me. They started beating me and using sharp instruments to cut my body.”

He explained that his family, including sisters and brothers, lives in Firestone, Margibi County. His parents are deceased.

Mr. Cooper did not state his destination when he was confronted by the mob at that time of the morning in an area that Daily Observer learned is a notorious place for mob violence.

Cooper, who was dirty from head to toe, said he was fortunate not to have been killed, although he looked very close to it. Although he needed medical attention, he apparently

He said he walked from where he was assaulted to the ELWA Junction and made attempts to get home without success.

“When I walk my eyes turn and I cannot see clearly. So I walk as far as possible and lie down when I start feeling weak,” he said.

Meanwhile, an argument ensued between a man taking pictures of the injured Cooper and another man who claimed that Cooper was probably a rogue.

One of them said the victim was stripped of his clothes when he was assaulted and lectured that a lot of innocent persons have died in Liberia because people are quick to label them as rogues because they are out late. He added that Liberia is a free society and people should not be judged by their looks.


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