MoA Distributes Huge Quantities of Agro-Inputs to Farmers in Nimba

Farmer inputs distrubution in Nimba

The Ministry of Agriculture on Sunday, January 10, 2021 distributed several assorted agro inputs to farmers in Nimba County as part of COVID 19 response.

According to the MoA, this exercise is in direct response from the government to the Ministry of Agriculture to farmers who have been going through constraint during the COVID-19.

Mr. Ansu Mensah, the coordinator of the Project Implementation Unit at the MoA, explained that when the COVID struck, the MoA was able to design a strategy on how to improve the supply of food for our country while at the same time putting in place health protocols.

“In so doing,” Mr. Mensah said, “The MoA was able to procured fertilizers, hand gloves, raincoats, safety bucket, rain boot, and watering cans to help farmers increase food production in the country.

“In this distribution, we ask that everybody remains civil and avoid selling these items but use them for farming,” he said.

For the significance of the distribution, the agro inputs were escorted to Nimba by some senior members of the MoA, including Mr. Ansu S. Kenneh, PMU Director, Regina Sokan Teah, CDA Director General, George Tee Forpoh, Deputy Minister – DREDR, Robert Fagans, Assisting Minister of MoA, and Ernest J. Clarke, Assisting Minister for Administration and coordinator in charge of the distribution.

The CDA also urged the farmers to use the materials on their farms so as to produce more food as a means of making Liberia self-sufficient in food production as well as making Liberia as one of the food exporters.

Ernest J. Clarke, who is heading the distribution, put the cost of the project across Liberia at US$ 5m, which will also include provision of power tillers and training amongst others.

He said the distribution of these agro inputs will reach every farmer in Liberia, whether tree crops, vegetable or poultry farming.

There are about 50 farming cooperatives in Nimba that benefited from the distribution exercise, something that brought smiles in the faces of many of the farmers.

Madam Nohn Tensonnon, former City Mayor and prominent resident of Ganta, expressed her delight for the supplies, praising the government that it was the first time for her group to receive agro inputs from the government.

She explained that her group is cultivating a huge portion of farmland in both rice and vegetable farming, but needed help to enhance their production.

The Dokodan Farmer in Gbadin, the Zor Farmer Cooperative, and the Kpain Women among several other farmer cooperatives benefited from the distribution.


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