Mo Ali: ‘We Knew Ellen, Weah’s Political Marriage Was Not Meant to Succeed’

UP Assistant secretary for public affairs, Mo Ali

Former ruling Unity Party (UP) assistant secretary for public affairs, Mo Ali, has said his political party was quite aware that a day would come when the alleged political marriage between former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and President George Weah would collapse and, sadly, on a terrible note.

In a mobile interview with the Daily Observer yesterday, October 2, Ali said Sirleaf’s downfall, though gradually coming after her two “honeymoon” terms of six years each, is testimonial of the fact that no individual is better or bigger than an institution or a political establishment.

“Even though former President Sirleaf’s current life is not our focus, we knew that she and Weah were not going to remain good friends, because we knew that their friendship was not meant to succeed,” he said.

Ali said Madam Sirleaf is no longer a point of focus for the party. Rather, the party is concerned with its own rebranding and playing the role of a responsible opposition political party that is set to retake state power through the ballot box in future elections.

It can be recalled that prior to President Weah’s trip to the United Nations General Assembly’s 73rd Session Summit, former President Sirleaf, in a BBC interview, expressed disappointment with the Weah Administration for impugning the reputation of former government officials.

She then expressed how shocked she was when Information Minister Lenn Eugen Nagbe informed the public that L$15 to L$16 billion went missing from the Free Port of Monrovia while being transported in containers to the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).

“Do they know the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of this country?” she asked rhetorically, questioning the credibility of the Weah Administration’s investigation, which had earlier welcomed the allegation that billions of Liberian dollars were missing.

But in reaction to Madam Sirleaf’s remarks, President Weah ignored all she had done over the 12 years by not mentioning even a word about her contribution to the country’s peace she had previously boasted of at the UNGA. Rather, he rained praises on the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General (SRSG,) Farid Zarif.

Back home, Weah said at a church intercessory service that those who claimed to know the GDP of the country could not pave Doe Community’s main street in 12 years, let alone to talk about providing the inhabitants electricity.

He challenged the view that he lacks the ability to lead the country and said such is a contradiction to his life experiences, claiming that failure has never been his portion.

About the recent street protests staged by civil society groups demanding the return of the missing L$16 billions, Weah said their action was a contradiction of their professions of love for the country.

“They went out to protest and police guided them. When we were in opposition, police shot at us; we lost some of our strong supporters to bullet wounds,” he said.

Weah declared that those who went out to protest were “heartless and unpatriotic” for calling the international community to put sanction, particularly economic sanction, on Liberia well before investigation into the alleged missing billions Liberian dollars is completed and those responsible brought to book and dealt with according to law.


  1. She deserves what she is getting from her mentee(George Weah). It is what her Vice President for 12 years told her, it is the Unity Party that will protect her legacy, and not the opposition party of CDC, and now she is feeling and hearing the disgrace. He did not mentioned all the roads that she was trying to re-construct(Red Light-Ganta High Way, Cotton Tree-Buchanan High Way) the public building she has built(Capitol building expansion, the new ministerial complex building, Social security buildings, at ELWA Junction and 24th street,etc.). Blood is thicker than water

  2. Mo Ali, what esisted and continue to exist to this day and beyond iIS NOT AND HAD NEVER BEEN A POLITICAL MARRIAGE, BUT RARTHER A POLITICAL COMITY! The fact that you and your Unity Party were frustrated and disappointed because Ellen refused and rejected the idea of getting involved or usurping yhe NEC to have Boakai win an election against THE WILL OF THE MOJORITY does not mean there had been or there was any political marriage between Ellen AND President Weah! Now can anyone in his or her right mind believe the lies you people were carring around that Ellen was financing CDC´S OR WEAH´S CAMPAIGN? HELL NO!

    For if this were the case, the government would not be investigating malfeasance viz the inflow of money during especially the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf´s administration. Its as simple as that!

    Gbada Flomo, no one as Weah can be a mentee of anyone especially within the Liberian political landscape! Rather, many could be mentees of Weah; given the fact that besides been the President, he has led the largest opposition colalition for years and is the political leader for the nation´s dominant political coalition and political party! A portfolio no one in Liberian or even in African history has enjoyed! Whether losers like it or not, it is the reality!

  3. Anyone who sides with the past and current administration in the midst of the corruptions that are ruining Liberia got to be out of their mind. It seems like corruption is not wrong in the eyes of those who are in one way or another enjoying part of it.

  4. Dortu-Siboe Doe, brother of Samuel Doe, and agent or official mouth piece of the current government. In his eyes the current government can do no wrong. He calls George Weah, “Dr. Weah.” This baffles many intellectuals but again this could be the only way he gets paid. For him, throwing Liberia under the bus is profitable and as long as he is paid by the current government, he will continue to write nonsense on their behalf. “Show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are.”

  5. Ignorant and heartless, no love for country and people individuals are involved in broad daylight stealing while the poor quietly sit and watch. They think its funny. But they will pay for the distress and acute hardship they are causing the Liberian people. WATCH!!!

  6. I hear the drums abeating from afar. They beat now low and light. They’re beating in the morning and they’re beating late at night. The drums will beat much stronger as time goes on and on. The drums will tell the people when its time to come to town. The drums recon the time to rise and it will come as a surprise. I hear the drums beating.



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